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Is there a list of the categories with the corresponding number in the category icons grid (for example : Bloggers = 1A)

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J 18 Marry Me' Markers

A 28 You Are Here' Maps

S 7 Z' Welcome Signs

Q 46 1000 Places to See Before You Die

J 46 1866 Austro-Prussian War Memorials

O 39 3 Dimensional Art

D 53 3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond

F 30 666 Sightings

M 37 7-Eleven Stores

K 19 9/11 Memorial Sites

G 24 A + W Restaurants

A 20 A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations

K 33 Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites

C 11 Abandoned Cemeteries

K 13 Abandoned Train Tunnels

G 4 Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries

G 20 Abraham Lincoln

P 17 Abstract Public Sculptures

P 44 Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations

R 4 Active Quarries

A 35 Active Rail Locations

M 30 Aerial Lifts

D 40 Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials

S 26 Agricultural Fairgrounds

C 5 Airports

F 25 Alabama Historical Markers

R 29 Alaska Historic Markers

T 29 Alberta Heritage Markers

E 39 ALDI Stores

N 4 All Things Star Wars

Q 39 Alpaca and Llama Farms

K 46 Amateur Baseball Fields

N 9 Amateur Radio Repeaters

C 14 American Civil War Monuments and Memorials

N 26 American Guide Series

I 22 American Revolution Patriot Graves

K 2 American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves

S 1 Amusement Parks


K 20 Anamorphous Street Art

K 22 Anchors

Q 4 Ancient Aqueducts

H 21 Ancient Roman Civilization

Q 32 Ancient Traces and Roads

B 38 Angel of Hope Statues

C 39 Anglican and Episcopal Churches

E 23 Animal Hospitals

T 13 Animal Memorials

B 9 Ansel Adams Photo Hunt

F 22 Antarctic Points of Interest

D 44 Antique and Classic Car Dealerships

M 22 Antique Hotels

D 16 Antique Shops

N 18 ANWB Paddenstoelen

T 4 Appalachian Trail

H 36 Apple Stores

K 40 Applebee's Restaurants

R 17 Arboretums

O 26 Arby's Restaurants

O 30 Arch Bridges

S 51 Architecture Prizes

L 14 Arizona Historical Markers

G 25 Arkansas Historical Markers

K 26 Art Deco - Art Nouveau

J 28 Art Galleries

Q 15 Art Museums

S 49 Art Studios

D 3 Art Vehicles

O 8 Art*o*mats

E 16 Artesian Well

K 43 Artificial Climbing Walls

Q 24 Artistic Neon Lights

L 40 Artistic Seating

A 52 Artistic Welcome Signs

L 45 Artistically Disguised Utility Boxes

O 42 Assembly of God Churches

B 10 Astronomical Observatories

M 5 Atlas Statues

I 52 Auction Houses

P 47 Australia Post Offices

G 48 Australia/NZ Benchmarks

S 48 Australian Historical Markers

K 17 Australian Trig Points

A 53 Austrian and Swiss National Heritage Sites

J 44 Auto Clubs

C 9 Automobile Association Signs

J 48 Automobile Salvage Yards

S 47 Aviaries

A 19 Aviation Museums

I 20 Azimuth Benchmarks

O 40 Bailey Bridges

L 44 Bait Shops

M 35 Bandshells

K 39 Baptist Churches

K 31 Barber Poles

H 34 Barns

D 46 Baroque Architecture

H 25 Bartram Trail Historical Markers

G 26 Battlefields

T 5 Beach Huts

H 32 Beaches

B 47 Bear Statues

C 21 Beatlemania!

E 14 Bed and Breakfast

O 45 Bell Towers

L 22 Bells

Q 17 Benjamin Franklin

A 4 Berry Picking

P 42 Best Burgers in Town

I 15 Best Kept Secrets

A 50 Bicycle Rentals

I 1 Bicycle Shops

S 37 Bicycle Tenders

A 49 Bifana's House

O 37 Big Brothers Big Sisters

H 43 Billiards and Pool Halls

A 39 Birdwatching Locations

D 49 Bismarck Towers

I 47 Blacksmith Shops

A 1 Bloggers

C 36 Blood Donation Centers

T 10 Blue Plaques

A 17 Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers

M 48 Blues Legends

O 21 Boat Ramps

K 37 Boer Wars Memorials and Monuments

F 1 Bookcrossing Zones

C 3 Border Crossings

I 5 Botanical Gardens

C 45 Bottle Sculptures

S 16 Bowling Centres

M 8 Boy Scout Camps

O 34 Breweries

K 1 Brewpubs

E 51 Bridge Date Stones and Plaques

Q 30 Bridgeless Water Crossings

S 32 British Columbia Heritage Markers

R 37 Broken Column Headstones

R 42 Bubble Tea aka Boba

P 36 Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines

B 52 Buffet Restaurants

I 14 Building Buildings

T 1 Bungee Jump Sites

M 31 Burger Chef (Former Locations)

H 23 Burger King Restaurants

N 46 Burger Shops - Regional Chains

J 40 Bus Stations

N 20 Butterfield Overland Despatch Markers

P 49 Butterfly Gardens

J 7 Butterfly Houses

D 36 Bygone Toll Houses

E 52 Cairns

J 9 California Historical Markers

R 19 Californian Bells of El Camino Real

Q 8 Campgrounds

A 21 Canada Post Offices

L 8 Canadian Benchmarks

I 36 Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs

C 13 Canadian National Historic Sites

C 53 Canal Tunnels

E 24 Candy Stores

M 18 Canoe/Kayak Trips

E 17 Capitol Buildings

R 24 Car Part Sculptures

T 43 Carillon

A 16 Carl Linnaeus and His Apostles

Q 43 Carl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants

Q 20 Carnegie Library Buildings

E 18 Carnivorous Plant Localities

K 16 Carousels

A 2 Casinos

T 3 Castles

T 26 Cathedrals

P 13 Cave Entrances (Artificial)

G 7 Cave Entrances (Natural)

J 1 Celebrity Hangouts

F 50 Century Farms

M 24 Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging

N 47 Childhood Homes

L 19 Children's Gardens

O 19 Children's Museums

Q 42 Chili's Restaurants

L 32 Chinese Restaurants

N 27 Christian Crosses

I 32 Christmas Stores

M 52 Church of Christ Scientist

B 23 Church of the Nazarene

L 29 Churchyard Cemeteries

P 37 Churchyard Crosses

O 27 Cigar Store Indians

E 48 Citizen Memorials

E 15 City and Town Halls

S 18 Cityscapes

J 13 Civil Defense Fallout Shelters

B 4 Civil Rights Memorials

G 13 Civil War Discovery Trail Sites

O 7 Civilian Conservation Corps

I 2 Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints

N 32 Closed Drive-In Theatres

T 47 Coastal Boardwalks

F 5 Coastal Lighthouses

R 48 Coats of Arms

L 37 Cobblestone Buildings

L 38 Coca Cola Memorabilia

L 46 Coffee Shops - Regional Chains

K 35 Coin Operated Children's Rides

L 30 Coin Operated Self Service Car Washes

O 17 Coin Shops

N 22 Coin-Op Binoculars

A 34 Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines

E 46 College Football Stadiums

H 22 Colorado Historical Markers

E 50 Comedy Clubs

H 20 Comic Book Shops

N 48 Commercial Commemorations

K 48 Community Commemoration

P 19 Community Gardens

G 8 Compass Roses

I 4 Concert Halls

I 18 Confluence Spots

S 29 Connecticut Historical Markers

C 32 Convention Centers

O 47 Converted Bank Buildings

C 52 Converted Factories

Q 33 Converted Firehouses

N 10 Converted Fountains

M 7 Coordinate Palindromes

J 16 Country Churches

I 26 Courthouses

R 13 Covered Bridges

E 3 Covered Wagons

S 27 Cracker Barrel Restaurants

C 40 Cross Country Ski Trailheads

R 36 Cruise Ship Ports

H 9 Curling Clubs

S 53 Current and Former Exchanges

G 34 Cycling Routes

O 38 Czech Geodetic Points

T 33 D.U.P. Historic Markers

N 49 Dairy Creameries

R 23 Dairy Queen Restaurants

Q 3 Dance Clubs

R 34 Daniel Boone Trail Markers

Q 53 Danish Benchmarks

R 22 Dartmoor Granite

G 41 Dated Buildings and Cornerstones

T 7 Dead Poets' Society Memorials

F 3 Dead Vehicles

I 43 Death Mask Gravestones

N 40 Dedicated Benches

B 45 Dedicated Trees

J 39 Defunct Amusement Parks

B 14 Delaware Historical Markers

Q 37 Demonstration Gardens

D 37 Denny's Restaurants

F 52 Deutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument Registers

D 2 Devilish Locations

P 46 Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

L 21 Dining Car Restaurants

B 31 Dinosaur Statues

H 33 Diplomatic Missions

G 14 Direction and Distance Arrows

K 28 Disaster Memorials

F 8 Disc Golf Courses

E 5 Disguised Cell Towers

A 13 Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks

E 47 Dive Shops

E 11 Dive Sites

M 53 Diving Platforms

E 27 Dixie Highway

R 31 Dockside Restaurants

O 3 Dog Friendly Hotels

D 4 Dog Statues

P 3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants

C 25 Dollar Stores

N 51 Domes of the (Under) World

E 30 Domino's Pizza

Q 36 Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers

G 22 Doorways of the World

N 42 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

T 44 Drawing Waymarks

H 6 Drive-In Movie Theaters

F 33 Dunkin Donuts'

O 48 Dutch Benchmarks / RD meetpunten

G 33 E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers

F 45 E85 Fuel Pumps

M 2 Eagle Scout Project Sites

C 50 Earth Globes

I 7 Earth Homes

I 51 Electric Car Charging Stations

K 45 Electric Palm Trees

E 34 Elevated Everyday Objects

N 29 Elevation Signs

J 42 Elks Lodges

G 23 Elvis

R 27 Engineering Landmarks

I 30 English Heritage - Cadw - Historic Scotland

T 48 Engrish Signs

J 41 Entertainment Awards

L 36 Epic Beings and Creatures

E 10 Equestrian Statues

D 48 Established Rock Climbing Areas

Q 49 Etched in Stone

H 30 Eternal Flames

N 25 European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks

F 53 European Post Offices

L 15 Exact Replicas

J 43 Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays

H 14 Exceptional Trees

T 37 Extraterrestrial Locations

P 7 Factory Tours

I 49 Famous Fictional Figures

F 28 Famous Fires

P 11 Farmers' Markets

O 14 Ferries and Ferry Landings

H 35 Ferris Wheels

B 30 Festivals

O 5 Fiberglass Horses

S 50 Field Hospitals

G 38 FIFA World Cup Venues

M 26 Figurative Public Sculpture

M 6 Fire Fighting Vehicles

F 26 Firefighter Memorials

K 9 Firehouses

B 34 Fireworks Displays

T 38 Fireworks Trees

N 14 First of its Kind

O 44 Fish and Chips Restaurants

G 37 Fish Hatcheries

M 3 Fishing Holes

J 35 Fitness Trails

O 46 Flags of Organizations

N 36 Flatirons

Q 31 Flea Markets

E 49 Flora and Fauna Information Signs

Q 16 Florida Historical Markers

F 18 Flower Fields

J 19 Former Schools

L 6 Foucault Pendulums

H 3 Fountains

T 53 Framed Views

S 14 Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Buildings

N 30 Fraternity Houses

O 13 Free Campsites

C 27 Free For Your Birthday

P 1 Free Overnight RV Parking Locations

F 32 Freestanding Arches

S 52 Freestanding Columns

K 38 French Benchmarks

R 44 Frieze Art

I 48 Funeral Homes

N 2 Garage Door Art

A 9 Gargoyles

N 50 Gasometers

F 24 Gates of Distinction

T 40 Gazebos

B 7 Gender Separated Entrances

H 1 Geocaching Tour Guides

S 38 Geodesic Domes

L 33 Geographic High Points

N 16 Geographical Centers

E 33 George Washington

P 5 Georgia Historical Markers

H 50 German Trigonometric Points

R 41 German-American Heritage Sites

F 38 Ghost Bikes

J 8 Ghost Signs

T 9 Ghost Towns

A 26 Ghosts and Hauntings

O 9 Giant Board Games

R 35 Giants of Commerce

M 40 Gifts from Other Countries

E 1 Ginormous Everyday Objects

B 51 Girl Scout Gold Award Project Sites

L 23 Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Features

J 14 Glaciers

K 18 Gluten Free Restaurants

K 27 Googie Architecture

T 45 Gothic Architecture

S 41 GPS Tracklog Art

J 11 Graffiti

H 49 Grain Elevators

C 54 Grand Opening

E 36 Grange Halls

D 13 Grave of a Famous Person

N 39 Graves of the Unknown

E 37 Great Buildings of the World

G 47 Great Lines of Earth

C 29 Greenhouses and Nurseries

R 5 Greenwich Meridian Markers

S 17 Guest Books

F 15 Guinness World Records

E 42 Habitat ReStores

O 28 Hall of Fame

R 50 Hand Operated Water Pumps

A 27 Hard Rock Cafe

T 20 Haunted Attractions

B 12 Hawaiian Historical Markers

D 43 Headstones of Centenarians

M 36 Helicopter Landing Pads

R 38 Herbaria

G 18 Hidden Mickeys

F 39 High Level Marks

C 24 Highway Giants - Muffler Men

C 18 Highway Rest Areas

C 42 Hiking and walking trailheads

D 29 Hiking Path Footbridges

E 38 Hindu Temples

C 51 Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers)

E 40 Histoires de France (French historical markers)

G 50 Historic Eats

D 14 Historic Forts

P 50 Historic Hand Operated Sluice Gates

O 51 Historic Preservation Awards

B 33 Historic Reenactments

N 35 Historic Trees

F 36 Historic United Methodist Sites

I 50 Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks

G 49 Historical Society Headquarters

L 13 History Museums

T 2 Holiday Displays

S 33 Holy Wells

T 31 Homemade Tombstones

D 25 Homesteads

E 41 Hooters Restaurants

L 25 Horse Racing Tracks

I 33 Hospitals

O 41 Hostels

F 10 Hot Air Balloon Festivals

J 38 Hot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows

F 2 Hot Springs

S 40 Howard Johnson's

H 45 Human Error

B 53 Human Migration Monuments

D 27 Humane Societies and Rescues

K 21 Humorous Combination Businesses

H 53 Hydroelectric Power Stations

A 5 Ice Age Trail

O 10 Ice Cream Parlors

J 12 Ice Skating Rinks

S 31 Iconic Factories

H 12 Idaho Historical Markers

R 46 IHOP Restaurants


A 12 Illinois Historical Markers

A 45 Illuminated School Sports Fields

T 22 IMAX Theaters

R 10 Immortalized in Lyrics

C 26 Impact Craters

K 47 Improved Order of Red Men

T 21 In Search of the Celts

N 43 Independent Artist Supply Stores

C 28 Independent Bakeries

P 34 Independent Bookstores

S 22 Independent Breakfast Spots

I 28 Independent Cigar Shops

K 10 Independent Coffee Shops

I 27 Independent Diners

D 24 Independent Doughnut Shops

H 31 Independent Fish Houses

J 30 Independent Hot Dog Restaurants

M 32 Independent Movie Rental Shops

H 10 Independent Music Stores

A 44 Independent Pharmacies

A 24 Independent Pizza Restaurants

F 13 Indiana Historical Markers

I 23 Indoor Malls

F 7 Infamous Crime Scenes

E 31 Inline Hockey Rinks

O 2 Insect Sculptures

D 47 Inside Airports

P 20 Interesting Intersection Names

H 19 International Space Station Sightings

P 15 Internet Cafes

D 8 Inukshuks

H 16 Iowa Historical Markers

B 2 Irish-American Historic Places

C 2 Iron Furnace Ruins

J 33 Jack In The Box

T 42 James Bond - 007

H 18 Japanese Gardens

D 52 Japanese Restaurants

C 6 Jazz Clubs

M 44 Jimmy Buffett

L 43 John F. Kennedy

L 35 Johnny Rockets

I 45 Juice and Smoothie Bars

L 1 Junk Design Houses

M 20 Kansas Historical Markers

D 7 Karaoke Bars

R 30 Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants

R 11 Kentucky Historical Markers

E 43 Kids Eat Free

H 27 Kilroy Was Here

P 48 Kinetic Sculpture and Art

Q 44 Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses

Q 5 Kissmobile Sightings

I 53 Kiwanis International Markers

P 43 Knights of Columbus Councils

I 38 Knights of Pythias

D 51 Kokopelli Sightings

G 44 Korean Historic Sites

M 28 Korean War Memorials

T 35 Kroger Supermarkets

Q 40 Kugel Balls

A 37 La Famille Bonaparte

T 25 Labyrinths

R 39 Landlocked Boats

O 1 Landlocked Lighthouses

H 47 Laser Tag Facilities

H 41 Last of its Kind

M 45 Latvian Benchmarks

G 5 Lavoir (wash houses)

G 30 Lawn Bowling

G 19 LDS Church History Sites

K 44 LEED Buildings

M 21 Legion Posts and Branches

T 52 LEGO Sculptures and Models

O 15 Letters on Hills

J 21 Lewis and Clark Trail

N 1 Libraries

R 32 Lifeboats and Rescue Stations

M 12 Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts

K 49 Lighthouse Passport Stamps

C 38 Lincoln Highway

H 5 Lincoln Highway Markers

L 7 Lion Statues

A 51 Lions Clubs International Markers

H 13 Literary Sites

B 15 Live Stage Theaters

J 2 Living Statues

J 22 Locomotives

L 26 Lodge-Style Accommodations

S 25 London Coal Tax Posts

B 36 Lonely Chimneys

R 16 Long Distance Hiking Trails

K 15 Look-Out Towers

Q 12 Louisiana Historical Markers

G 53 Love Padlocks

N 31 Lucky 7

G 6 Luftwaffe Radar Ruins

G 29 Lustron Homes

J 36 Lutheran Churches

I 34 Made for the Millennium

C 47 Magic Shops

K 41 Maine Historical Markers

D 50 Manitoba Historical Markers

A 46 Man-made Devilish Locations

B 18 Man-made Waterfalls

T 23 Maori Historic Sites

M 47 Marinas

H 40 Maritime Monuments and Memorials

R 33 Maritime Museums

O 33 Martello Towers

B 24 Martial Arts

S 12 Maryland Historical Markers

H 8 Masonic Temples

T 12 Massachusetts Historical Markers

H 26 Master Architects - Deconstructivism

M 25 Master Architects - International Style

C 43 Mausoleums

Q 2 McDonald's Restaurants

J 6 Medal Of Honor Resting Places

B 8 Medieval Churches

B 42 Megachurches

M 13 Megalithic Monuments

H 11 Metal Detecting

R 40 Methodist Churches

O 31 Mexican Restaurants

M 23 Michigan Centennial Farms

B 13 Michigan Historical Markers

C 33 Milestones

R 20 Military Ground Equipment Displays

K 3 Military Installations

M 16 Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)

R 25 Military Surplus Stores

J 49 Milk Platforms - Maitolaiturit

E 8 Millennium Trees

P 38 Mills and Gins

O 52 Millstones

P 23 Mines

O 11 Miniature Golf

A 18 Miniature Railroads

J 15 Minnesota Historical Markers

L 5 Minor League Baseball Stadiums

N 17 Mississippi Historical Markers

Q 22 Missouri Historical Markers

N 38 Model Aircraft Fields

L 34 Model Railroads

T 18 Modern Olympic Venues

C 15 Mold-a-Rama Machines

D 10 Mom and Pop Rock Shops

F 14 Monarchs of the World

A 33 Monopoly in the Real World

H 29 Montana Historical Markers

E 35 Monuments Historiques Français

G 51 Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights

F 49 Moomins

S 4 Moon Trees

S 34 Moose Lodges and Centers

L 10 Mormon Temples

G 39 Mosaics

N 33 Mosques

M 15 Motor Vehicle Museums

Q 34 Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites

I 3 Mountain Bike Trailheads

G 2 Mountain Summits

I 10 Movie Locations

O 29 Movie Theater Meals

K 7 Moving Bridges

L 39 Municipal Community Centers

I 24 Municipal Flags

P 14 Municipal Parks and Plazas

P 2 Murals

A 42 Musical Instrument Retailers

A 3 Musical Instruments

B 6 Musician Statues

R 47 Named Farms and Ranches

R 28 Named Mountain Gaps

E 25 Names From the Bible

O 18 National Parks (U.S.)

Q 18 National Parks of the World

M 49 National Public Lands Passport Locations

S 36 National Scenic Byways

E 29 National Trust U.K.

N 45 National Wild and Scenic Rivers

A 30 Nations Within Nations

A 7 Native American Trail Trees

R 8 Natural Arches

P 52 Natural Lakes

Q 25 Natural Sinkholes

J 32 Natural Springs

F 35 Natural/Organic Food Stores

M 19 Nature Centers

I 25 Nature's Balanced Rocks

I 35 Nautical Flag Poles

I 16 Nebraska Historical Markers

A 32 Neon Signs

O 12 Nevada Historical Markers

A 54 New Apostolic Churches

E 12 New Hampshire Historical Markers

K 12 New Jersey Historical Markers

P 22 New Mexico Historical Markers

C 17 New World Ancient Evidence

R 12 New York Historical Markers

N 23 New Zealand Historic Places

T 8 News Article Locations

L 31 Newspaper Headquarters

J 25 Newstands / Newsagencies

D 28 Nike Missile Sites

I 29 Nobel Laureates

E 45 Non-Coastal Boardwalks

B 19 Non-Specific Veteran Memorials

D 32 Noodle Shops

B 16 Norske postkontor (Norwegian Post Offices)

T 11 North Carolina Historical Markers

T 15 North Country Trail

G 16 North Dakota Historical Markers

G 43 Norway Historical Sites

F 51 Nova Scotia Heritage Properties

L 3 NPS Passport Cancellation Stations

A 29 NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings

M 17 Nuclear Power Plants

P 16 Nude Beaches

J 52 Numismatic Photographs

P 27 Obelisks

D 39 Occupational Monuments

M 14 Occupational/Hobby Grave Stones

K 6 Octagon Buildings

C 31 Odd Fellow Lodges

L 9 Oddball Museums

M 1 Odd-Shaped Buildings

F 19 Official Local Tourism Attractions

N 8 Off-Leash Dog Areas

F 11 Offroad Trails

S 6 Ohio Historical Markers

I 40 Oklahoma Historical Markers

F 40 Old Agricultural Equipment

Q 48 Old Spanish Trail Auto Route

E 6 Old Tractors

P 6 Old World Originals

O 22 Olmsted Designed Parks

I 42 Omnivorous Trees

J 47 One-Room Schoolhouses

Q 14 Ontario Heritage Properties

F 12 Ontario Provincial Plaques

C 12 Oregon Historical Markers

Q 35 Orientation Tables

P 21 Orphaned Bridges

P 32 Orthodox Churches

L 2 Out of Place Graves

A 41 Outdoor Altars

C 48 Outdoor Amphitheaters

B 11 Outdoor Basketball Courts

G 52 Outdoor Interactive Science Displays

B 1 Outdoor Mazes

N 24 Outdoor Recreation Stores

G 46 Outdoor Stairways

Q 29 Outdoor Stations of the Cross

P 4 Outdoor Warning Sirens

B 3 Outdoor Wind Harps

K 30 Outhouses

S 19 Outside Wooden Display Carvings

J 17 Ovens and Kilns

G 45 Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields

O 35 Painted Barn Quilts

S 3 Painted Hydrants

B 44 Painted Mailboxes

R 53 Paintings Then and Now

P 53 Paleontology and Fossils

Q 45 Panera Bread Restaurants

P 29 Paramedic Stations

Q 51 Património Português (Portuguese Heritage)

D 9 Payphones

C 41 Peace Memorials

I 8 Peace Poles

S 39 Peanuts Characters

F 6 Pedestrian Suspension Bridges

S 2 Pennsylvania Historical Markers

O 4 Penny Smashers

M 33 People-Named Places

A 38 Permanent Car Displays

D 42 Permanent Charity Donation Locations

B 41 Permanent Geographic Coordinates

L 42 Permanent Orienteering Courses

O 23 Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures

H 46 Persian Gulf War Memorials

J 4 Pet Cemeteries

L 41 Pet Stores

R 45 Petrosomatoglyphs

F 44 Petting Farms and Zoos

H 37 Philatelic Photographs

D 38 Photo Cutouts

D 31 Photo Goals

C 8 Photos Then and Now

Q 19 Pick-Your-Own Farms

A 8 Pictographs

J 50 Pictorial Pub Signs

K 50 Pictorial Village Signs

L 20 Picture Perfect Postcards

F 23 Piers

J 3 Pikachu Sightings

C 44 Pirates

C 35 Pizza Hut Restaurants

M 46 Pizza Shops - Regional Chains

T 36 Places for Recycling

N 19 Places of Geologic Significance

R 1 Plane Crash Sites

K 34 Planetariums

N 5 Plank Roads

J 26 Police Memorials

K 23 Police Stations

N 52 Political Revolutions

I 39 Ponce de León

L 4 Pony Express Monuments

B 29 Population Signs

K 8 Portugal Geodetic Points

P 51 Portuguese Historical Markers

I 44 Presbyterian Churches

T 34 Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins

B 54 Preserved Machines on Public Display

E 4 Presidential Birthplaces

O 36 Pre-Victorian Historic Homes

D 21 Professional Sports Venues

G 35 Public Access Lands

Q 10 Public and Private Golf Courses

L 18 Public Aquariums

P 28 Public Funiculars and Incline Railways

N 28 Public Land Survey Marks

K 11 Public Playgrounds

M 27 Public Swimming Pools

K 25 Publicly Held Corporation Headquarters

A 36 Publix Supermarkets

N 3 Pubs and Inns

S 42 Punishment and Disciplinary Devices

O 25 Pyramids

D 41 Quadrivia

J 34 Quaker Meeting Houses

F 17 Quilt Shops

Q 38 Quiznos

O 6 Quonset Huts

G 3 Racetracks

F 42 Radio Shack Stores

A 15 Railroad Bridges

H 44 Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment

B 48 Railroad Museums

L 11 Rails to Trails

K 24 Railway Disaster Sites

M 10 Railway Roundhouses

F 34 Ranger Stations

F 47 Readable From Above

G 31 Realistic Object Sculptures

P 31 Recommended Accommodation

B 35 Red Telephone Boxes

S 44 Relief Art Sculptures

T 51 Religious Freedom

J 5 Relocated Structures

A 48 Remains of Settlements

B 49 Remembering FEPOW

G 10 Remote Backcountry Shelters

L 47 Renaissance Architecture

J 10 Renaissance Fairs

F 48 Research Institutes

R 18 Retired Prisons

A 11 Revolving Restaurants

S 45 Rhode Island Historical Markers

C 22 River Gauges

A 23 River Origins, Destinations and Confluences

G 11 Roadside Attractions

R 49 Rock and Mineral Displays

P 8 Rock-Hounding

E 26 Roller Coasters

K 32 Roller Skating Rinks

E 44 Rolling Ball Sculpture

J 27 Roman Catholic Churches

J 37 Ronald McDonald Houses

F 43 Ropes Course

G 21 Rose Gardens

B 37 Rotary International Markers

T 24 Route 66 - The Mother Road

N 37 Runestones Worldwide

I 37 Safe Place Havens

A 25 Sailing and Yacht Clubs

H 52 Salt Pans and Mines

P 45 Salvation Army Locations

I 21 Saskatchewan Heritage Properties

N 15 Saskatchewan Historical Markers

I 46 Satellite Imagery Oddities

M 41 Scenic at Night

S 30 Scenic Boat Rides

Q 1 Scenic Hikes

S 13 Scenic Overlooks

D 15 Scenic Railroads

Q 13 Scenic Roadside Look-Outs

J 23 School Mascots

D 17 Science Museums

N 34 Scouting Headquarters

L 51 Scouts Monuments and Memorials

E 20 Sculpture Gardens

T 41 Self Guided Walks and Trails

G 27 Self Serve Pet Wash

L 50 Sequoioideae Trees

K 36 Seventh-day Adventist Churches

H 42 Ship Screws and Aircraft Props

S 9 Shipwrecks

T 14 Shoe Trees

B 17 Shooting Ranges

D 11 Shop24 Machines

I 9 Shot Towers

M 43 Signs of History

Q 50 Silhouette Public Art Sculptures

R 6 Simulacra

B 50 Sister City Monuments

D 20 Sit-by-me Statues

T 19 Skateparks

J 53 Ski Jumps

F 21 Ski Lodges

E 21 Skyscrapers

S 10 Sledding Places

A 6 Small Town, Big Name

Q 47 Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures

L 28 Smokey Bear Sign Sightings

R 51 Sokol Centers

Q 28 Solar Power

P 40 Solar System Models

P 39 Solitary Silos

B 39 Sonic Drive In Restaurants

L 53 Soroptimist International Markers

S 11 South Carolina Historical Markers

N 12 South Dakota Historical Markers

N 53 Southern African Trig Beacons

Q 23 Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits

L 52 Spanish Heritage

G 40 Spanish-American War Memorials

D 22 Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas

B 28 Specific Veteran Memorials

E 53 Specific Wars Monuments and Memorials

T 6 Sphinx Sculptures

H 48 Spirit of '76

R 3 Spring Houses

T 28 Stained Glass Windows

M 38 Star Trek

B 20 Starbucks Stores

J 45 State Park Passport Locations

D 26 State/Provincial Parks

I 12 Static Aircraft Displays

B 21 Static Artillery Displays

K 42 Static Train Cars

G 17 Statues of Historic Figures

F 41 Statues of Liberty

T 39 Statues of Religious Figures

H 17 Steakhouses

F 46 Stolpersteine

D 23 Stone Bridges

L 48 Stone Church Artefacts

B 22 Subway Restaurants

H 2 Summit Registers

L 12 Sundials

L 24 Super Fund Sites

C 23 Superlatives

Q 7 Sushi Restaurants

C 4 Suspension Bridges

E 7 Swimming Holes

O 43 Synagogues

B 32 Taco Bell Restaurants

S 46 Taffy Pulling Machines

B 27 Takeout / Delivery Menus

Q 26 Target Stores

I 31 Tattoo Shops/Parlors

B 46 Tearooms and Teahouses

B 25 Television and Cable Broadcasting Stations

Q 11 Tennessee Historical Markers

L 27 Tennis Facilities

L 16 Texas Historical Markers

B 40 TGI Friday's Restaurants

D 45 Thai Restaurants

C 34 Thatch Cottages

D 35 The Disney Store

R 14 The Great Florida Birding Trail

H 39 The Holocaust

T 46 The Local Neighborhood Grocer

A 47 The Underground

Q 6 Themed Homemade Mailboxes

D 34 There's a Book About It

R 15 This Old Church

T 17 Thrift Stores

F 20 Tim Horton's Restaurants

C 46 Time and Temperature Signs

M 4 Time Capsules

K 53 Time Signals

N 6 Topiaries

K 52 Tourist Stamps Photos

C 19 Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers

L 49 Town and Village Pounds

M 9 Town Clocks

O 16 Toynbee Tiles

M 51 Traffic Parks

R 26 Trail of Tears

C 16 Trail Registers

A 31 Train Cabooses

I 17 Train Stations/Depots

P 10 Treehouses

Q 52 Tripoints and Multipoints

M 50 Trophies, Medals and Cups

P 25 Truck Stops

D 19 Truss Bridges

B 5 Turtle Crossings

R 2 U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints

G 32 U.S. 40 - The National Road

E 9 U.S. Benchmarks

E 13 U.S. Civil War General Statues

D 18 U.S. Civil War Sites

P 18 U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments

A 14 U.S. National Natural Landmarks

I 13 U.S. National Register of Historic Places

G 15 U.S. National Wildlife Refuges

I 19 U.S. Post Offices

K 29 U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials

T 32 U.S. Route 99 - The Pacific Highway

G 42 U-Haul SuperGraphics

B 43 UK Historical Markers

J 51 UK Post Offices

C 30 Uncommon Crossing Signs

C 20 Underground Railroad Sites

F 31 Unintentionally Funny Signs

R 52 Unique Artistic Shop Signs

P 9 Unique Bird Houses

M 42 Unique Chimneys and Chimney Pots

H 38 Unique Manhole Covers

E 28 Unique Steeples

K 4 Unique Weathervanes

F 16 Universities and Colleges

S 24 Unoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins

S 28 Unusual Signs

H 4 Unusual Speed Limits

I 41 Urban Legends and Superstitions

A 22 Used Book Stores

S 23 Used Video-Game Stores

G 12 Utah Historical Markers

R 7 Vértices Geodésicos

H 7 Vasco da Gama

T 50 Vegetarian Eateries

O 50 Velodromes

D 12 Vermont Historical Markers

C 7 Vertical Lift Bridges

H 28 Veteran Cemeteries

J 29 VFW Posts

F 29 Victorian Houses

E 32 Victorian Post Boxes

N 11 Video Arcades

I 6 Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments

J 24 Vietnam War Memorials

N 41 Vintage Ad Locations

M 34 Vintage Gas Stations

M 29 Vintage Gasoline Pumps

D 30 Vintage Movie Theaters

S 43 Viquesney's Spirit of the Doughboy Statues

I 11 Virginia Historical Markers

H 15 Volcano Watching

A 43 Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills

F 27 Wagon Roads and Trails

M 39 Wagon Wheels

J 20 WAL*MART Stores

F 9 Walt Disney World Benchmarks

J 31 War and Military Museums

A 40 War of 1812

P 12 Washington Historical Markers

D 33 Wastewater Treatment Facilities

E 22 Water Dams

D 5 Water Mills

K 5 Water Towers

C 10 Waterfalls

M 11 Waterway Locks, Planes and Lifts

S 15 Wavy Places

Q 41 Wax Museums

O 53 Way of St. James

Q 9 Waychapels

Q 21 Waymark Sticker Seekers

Q 27 Waymark Tours (WayTours)

H 51 Wayside shrines

G 36 Weather Radars

T 27 Weather Stations

C 1 Web Cameras

O 49 Wedding Chapels

E 19 Wee Folk Fairy Doors

E 2 Weird Story Locations

S 21 Welcome Signs

P 24 Wendy's Restaurants

P 30 Wesleyan Churches

L 17 West Virginia Historical Markers

S 5 Where's In A Name?

C 49 Whispering Galleries

T 16 Whispering Giant Sculptures

P 35 White Castle

O 32 Whitewater Rafting Trips

G 1 Wi-Fi Hotspots

S 8 Wikipedia Entries

O 20 Wildlife Museums

P 33 William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

N 21 William Shakespeare

R 9 Windmills

A 10 Wineries

G 9 Winter Sports Locations

N 13 Wisconsin Historical Markers

S 35 Woman's Clubs

C 37 Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments

D 6 Working Water Wheels

N 7 World Heritage Sites

K 14 World War I Memorials and Monuments

S 20 World War II Memorials / Monuments

H 24 World War II Sites

B 26 Worldwide Cemeteries

P 26 WPA Projects

T 30 WWII Prisoner of War Camps

O 24 Wyoming Historical Markers

P 41 Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe

D 1 Yellow Arrow Lookup


R 21 Your Name Here

G 28 Zinc Headstones

K 51 Zip-line

R 43 Zippy the Pinhead Locations

F 4 Zoos

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Could the grid coords be put in the category listing? I see a category that sounds interesting in the grid, click on it to see what it entails, and then have to go back hunting the grid to find out where I was at.

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Could the grid coords be put in the category listing? I see a category that sounds interesting in the grid, click on it to see what it entails, and then have to go back hunting the grid to find out where I was at.


I'll second that. I like to find the icon on my grid of a new waymark I've had approved but often miss it so go back through again. If the references could be placed in brackets beside the category then I would know exactly where to look. As an example - Hall of Fame (O 28). If that was selectable all the better.


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Ah, now I understand what you mean. The information is there, it is just not formatted nicely. The list is sorted alphabetically, grid letter and row number come before the category name, but it should be easy to find the location when you know the correct category title.


I just extracted the information from the source code of the grid page and then posted it here and did not keep any local files. So I will have to start all over again for a pretty print version, but I think this could be a useful addition to the pinned section of the General Waymarking Topics forum. I will add that in a couple of days.

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You can copy the grid and paste special only text into a spreadsheet program. It will put each category into its own cell as the alternate text for each icon is the category name. (Note I can get this to work using Firefox but not Chrome)

Edited by BruceS

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I took the FI67 list, copied it into Excel and sorted it. Now I have a list starting with A1-A10-A11-... To find a specific case for a specific category, I do "Research" on that page and I identifiy rapidly the case number.

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Ah, now I understand what you mean. The information is there, it is just not formatted nicely. The list is sorted alphabetically, grid letter and row number come before the category name, but it should be easy to find the location when you know the correct category title.


I just extracted the information from the source code of the grid page and then posted it here and did not keep any local files. So I will have to start all over again for a pretty print version, but I think this could be a useful addition to the pinned section of the General Waymarking Topics forum. I will add that in a couple of days.


Thank you - much appreciated.

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Here is the updated alphabetical list with the grid position (and some minor errors with special characters and leading quotes fixed).


1000 Places to See Before You Die (Q 46)

1866 Austro-Prussian War Memorials (J 46)

3 Dimensional Art (O 39)

3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond (D 53)

666 Sightings (F 30)

7-Eleven Stores (M 37)

9/11 Memorial Sites (K 19)

A + W Restaurants (G 24)

A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations (A 20)

Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites (K 33)

Abandoned Cemeteries (C 11)

Abandoned Train Tunnels (K 13)

Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries (G 4)

Abraham Lincoln (G 20)

Abstract Public Sculptures (P 17)

Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations (P 44)

Active Quarries (R 4)

Active Rail Locations (A 35)

Aerial Lifts (M 30)

Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials (D 40)

Agricultural Fairgrounds (S 26)

Airports (C 5)

Alabama Historical Markers (F 25)

Alaska Historic Markers (R 29)

Alberta Heritage Markers (T 29)

ALDI Stores (E 39)

All Things Star Wars (N 4)

Alpaca and Llama Farms (Q 39)

Amateur Baseball Fields (K 46)

Amateur Radio Repeaters (N 9)

American Civil War Monuments and Memorials (C 14)

American Guide Series (N 26)

American Revolution Patriot Graves (I 22)

American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves (K 2)

Amusement Parks (S 1)


Anamorphous Street Art (K 20)

Anchors (K 22)

Ancient Aqueducts (Q 4)

Ancient Roman Civilization (H 21)

Ancient Traces and Roads (Q 32)

Angel of Hope Statues (B 38)

Anglican and Episcopal Churches (C 39)

Animal Hospitals (E 23)

Animal Memorials (T 13)

Ansel Adams Photo Hunt (B 9)

Antarctic Points of Interest (F 22)

Antique and Classic Car Dealerships (D 44)

Antique Hotels (M 22)

Antique Shops (D 16)

ANWB Paddenstoelen (N 18)

Appalachian Trail (T 4)

Apple Stores (H 36)

Applebee's Restaurants (K 40)

Arboretums (R 17)

Arby's Restaurants (O 26)

Arch Bridges (O 30)

Architecture Prizes (S 51)

Arizona Historical Markers (L 14)

Arkansas Historical Markers (G 25)

Art Deco - Art Nouveau (K 26)

Art Galleries (J 28)

Art Museums (Q 15)

Art Studios (S 49)

Art Vehicles (D 3)

Art*o*mats (O 8)

Artesian Well (E 16)

Artificial Climbing Walls (K 43)

Artistic Neon Lights (Q 24)

Artistic Seating (L 40)

Artistic Welcome Signs (A 52)

Artistically Disguised Utility Boxes (L 45)

Assembly of God Churches (O 42)

Astronomical Observatories (B 10)

Atlas Statues (M 5)

Auction Houses (I 52)

Australia Post Offices (P 47)

Australia/NZ Benchmarks (G 48)

Australian Historical Markers (S 48)

Australian Trig Points (K 17)

Austrian and Swiss National Heritage Sites (A 53)

Auto Clubs (J 44)

Automobile Association Signs (C 9)

Automobile Salvage Yards (J 48)

Aviaries (S 47)

Aviation Museums (A 19)

Azimuth Benchmarks (I 20)

Bailey Bridges (O 40)

Bait Shops (L 44)

Bandshells (M 35)

Baptist Churches (K 39)

Barber Poles (K 31)

Barns (H 34)

Baroque Architecture (D 46)

Bartram Trail Historical Markers (H 25)

Battlefields (G 26)

Beach Huts (T 5)

Beaches (H 32)

Bear Statues (B 47)

Beatlemania! (C 21)

Bed and Breakfast (E 14)

Bell Towers (O 45)

Bells (L 22)

Benjamin Franklin (Q 17)

Berry Picking (A 4)

Best Burgers in Town (P 42)

Best Kept Secrets (I 15)

Bicycle Rentals (A 50)

Bicycle Shops (I 1)

Bicycle Tenders (S 37)

Bifana´s House (A 49)

Big Brothers Big Sisters (O 37)

Billiards and Pool Halls (H 43)

Birdwatching Locations (A 39)

Bismarck Towers (D 49)

Blacksmith Shops (I 47)

Bloggers (A 1)

Blood Donation Centers (C 36)

Blue Plaques (T 10)

Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers (A 17)

Blues Legends (M 48)

Boat Ramps (O 21)

Boer Wars Memorials and Monuments (K 37)

Bookcrossing Zones (F 1)

Border Crossings (C 3)

Botanical Gardens (I 5)

Bottle Sculptures (C 45)

Bowling Centres (S 16)

Boy Scout Camps (M 8)

Breweries (O 34)

Brewpubs (K 1)

Bridge Date Stones and Plaques (E 51)

Bridgeless Water Crossings (Q 30)

British Columbia Heritage Markers (S 32)

Broken Column Headstones (R 37)

Bubble Tea aka Boba (R 42)

Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines (P 36)

Buffet Restaurants (B 52)

Building Buildings (I 14)

Bungee Jump Sites (T 1)

Burger Chef (Former Locations) (M 31)

Burger King Restaurants (H 23)

Burger Shops - Regional Chains (N 46)

Bus Stations (J 40)

Butterfield Overland Despatch Markers (N 20)

Butterfly Gardens (P 49)

Butterfly Houses (J 7)

Bygone Toll Houses (D 36)

Cairns (E 52)

California Historical Markers (J 9)

Californian Bells of El Camino Real (R 19)

Campgrounds (Q 8)

Canada Post Offices (A 21)

Canadian Benchmarks (L 8)

Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs (I 36)

Canadian National Historic Sites (C 13)

Canal Tunnels (C 53)

Candy Stores (E 24)

Canoe/Kayak Trips (M 18)

Capitol Buildings (E 17)

Car Part Sculptures (R 24)

Carillon (T 43)

Carl Linnaeus and His Apostles (A 16)

Carl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants (Q 43)

Carnegie Library Buildings (Q 20)

Carnivorous Plant Localities (E 18)

Carousels (K 16)

Casinos (A 2)

Castles (T 3)

Cathedrals (T 26)

Cave Entrances (Artificial) (P 13)

Cave Entrances (Natural) (G 7)

Celebrity Hangouts (J 1)

Century Farms (F 50)

Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging (M 24)

Childhood Homes (N 47)

Children's Gardens (L 19)

Children's Museums (O 19)

Chili's Restaurants (Q 42)

Chinese Restaurants (L 32)

Christian Crosses (N 27)

Christmas Stores (I 32)

Church of Christ Scientist (M 52)

Church of the Nazarene (B 23)

Churchyard Cemeteries (L 29)

Churchyard Crosses (P 37)

Cigar Store Indians (O 27)

Citizen Memorials (E 48)

City and Town Halls (E 15)

Cityscapes (S 18)

Civil Defense Fallout Shelters (J 13)

Civil Rights Memorials (B 4)

Civil War Discovery Trail Sites (G 13)

Civilian Conservation Corps (O 7)

Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints (I 2)

Closed Drive-In Theatres (N 32)

Coastal Boardwalks (T 47)

Coastal Lighthouses (F 5)

Coats of Arms (R 48)

Cobblestone Buildings (L 37)

Coca Cola Memorabilia (L 38)

Coffee Shops - Regional Chains (L 46)

Coin Operated Children's Rides (K 35)

Coin Operated Self Service Car Washes (L 30)

Coin Shops (O 17)

Coin-Op Binoculars (N 22)

Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines (A 34)

College Football Stadiums (E 46)

Colorado Historical Markers (H 22)

Comedy Clubs (E 50)

Comic Book Shops (H 20)

Commercial Commemorations (N 48)

Community Commemoration (K 48)

Community Gardens (P 19)

Compass Roses (G 8)

Concert Halls (I 4)

Confluence Spots (I 18)

Connecticut Historical Markers (S 29)

Convention Centers (C 32)

Converted Bank Buildings (O 47)

Converted Factories (C 52)

Converted Firehouses (Q 33)

Converted Fountains (N 10)

Coordinate Palindromes (M 7)

Country Churches (J 16)

Courthouses (I 26)

Covered Bridges (R 13)

Covered Wagons (E 3)

Cracker Barrel Restaurants (S 27)

Cross Country Ski Trailheads (C 40)

Cruise Ship Ports (R 36)

Curling Clubs (H 9)

Current and Former Exchanges (S 53)

Cycling Routes (G 34)

Czech Geodetic Points (O 38)

D.U.P. Historic Markers (T 33)

Dairy Creameries (N 49)

Dairy Queen Restaurants (R 23)

Dance Clubs (Q 3)

Daniel Boone Trail Markers (R 34)

Danish Benchmarks (Q 53)

Dartmoor Granite (R 22)

Dated Buildings and Cornerstones (G 41)

Dead Poets' Society Memorials (T 7)

Dead Vehicles (F 3)

Death Mask Gravestones (I 43)

Dedicated Benches (N 40)

Dedicated Trees (B 45)

Defunct Amusement Parks (J 39)

Delaware Historical Markers (B 14)

Demonstration Gardens (Q 37)

Denny's Restaurants (D 37)

Deutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument Registers (F 52)

Devilish Locations (D 2)

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (P 46)

Dining Car Restaurants (L 21)

Dinosaur Statues (B 31)

Diplomatic Missions (H 33)

Direction and Distance Arrows (G 14)

Disaster Memorials (K 28)

Disc Golf Courses (F 8)

Disguised Cell Towers (E 5)

Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks (A 13)

Dive Shops (E 47)

Dive Sites (E 11)

Diving Platforms (M 53)

Dixie Highway (E 27)

Dockside Restaurants (R 31)

Dog Friendly Hotels (O 3)

Dog Statues (D 4)

Dog-Friendly Restaurants (P 3)

Dollar Stores (C 25)

Domes of the (Under) World (N 51)

Domino's Pizza (E 30)

Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers (Q 36)

Doorways of the World (G 22)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (N 42)

Drawing Waymarks (T 44)

Drive-In Movie Theaters (H 6)

Dunkin Donuts' (F 33)

Dutch Benchmarks / RD meetpunten (O 48)

E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers (G 33)

E85 Fuel Pumps (F 45)

Eagle Scout Project Sites (M 2)

Earth Globes (C 50)

Earth Homes (I 7)

Electric Car Charging Stations (I 51)

Electric Palm Trees (K 45)

Elevated Everyday Objects (E 34)

Elevation Signs (N 29)

Elks Lodges (J 42)

Elvis (G 23)

Engineering Landmarks (R 27)

English Heritage - Cadw - Historic Scotland (I 30)

Engrish Signs (T 48)

Entertainment Awards (J 41)

Epic Beings and Creatures (L 36)

Equestrian Statues (E 10)

Established Rock Climbing Areas (D 48)

Etched in Stone (Q 49)

Eternal Flames (H 30)

European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks (N 25)

European Post Offices (F 53)

Exact Replicas (L 15)

Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays (J 43)

Exceptional Trees (H 14)

Extraterrestrial Locations (T 37)

Factory Tours (P 7)

Famous Fictional Figures (I 49)

Famous Fires (F 28)

Farmers' Markets (P 11)

Ferries and Ferry Landings (O 14)

Ferris Wheels (H 35)

Festivals (B 30)

Fiberglass Horses (O 5)

Field Hospitals (S 50)

FIFA World Cup Venues (G 38)

Figurative Public Sculpture (M 26)

Fire Fighting Vehicles (M 6)

Firefighter Memorials (F 26)

Firehouses (K 9)

Fireworks Displays (B 34)

Fireworks Trees (T 38)

First of its Kind (N 14)

Fish and Chips Restaurants (O 44)

Fish Hatcheries (G 37)

Fishing Holes (M 3)

Fitness Trails (J 35)

Flags of Organizations (O 46)

Flatirons (N 36)

Flea Markets (Q 31)

Flora and Fauna Information Signs (E 49)

Florida Historical Markers (Q 16)

Flower Fields (F 18)

Former Schools (J 19)

Foucault Pendulums (L 6)

Fountains (H 3)

Framed Views (T 53)

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Buildings (S 14)

Fraternity Houses (N 30)

Free Campsites (O 13)

Free For Your Birthday (C 27)

Free Overnight RV Parking Locations (P 1)

Freestanding Arches (F 32)

Freestanding Columns (S 52)

French Benchmarks (K 38)

Frieze Art (R 44)

Funeral Homes (I 48)

Garage Door Art (N 2)

Gargoyles (A 9)

Gasometers (N 50)

Gates of Distinction (F 24)

Gazebos (T 40)

Gender Separated Entrances (B 7)

Geocaching Tour Guides (H 1)

Geodesic Domes (S 38)

Geographic High Points (L 33)

Geographical Centers (N 16)

George Washington (E 33)

Georgia Historical Markers (P 5)

German Trigonometric Points (H 50)

German-American Heritage Sites (R 41)

Ghost Bikes (F 38)

Ghost Signs (J 8)

Ghost Towns (T 9)

Ghosts and Hauntings (A 26)

Giant Board Games (O 9)

Giants of Commerce (R 35)

Gifts from Other Countries (M 40)

Ginormous Everyday Objects (E 1)

Girl Scout Gold Award Project Sites (B 51)

Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Features (L 23)

Glaciers (J 14)

Gluten Free Restaurants (K 18)

Googie Architecture (K 27)

Gothic Architecture (T 45)

GPS Tracklog Art (S 41)

Graffiti (J 11)

Grain Elevators (H 49)

Grand Opening (C 54)

Grange Halls (E 36)

Grave of a Famous Person (D 13)

Graves of the Unknown (N 39)

Great Buildings of the World (E 37)

Great Lines of Earth (G 47)

Greenhouses and Nurseries (C 29)

Greenwich Meridian Markers (R 5)

Guest Books (S 17)

Guinness World Records (F 15)

Habitat ReStores (E 42)

Hall of Fame (O 28)

Hand Operated Water Pumps (R 50)

Hard Rock Cafe (A 27)

Haunted Attractions (T 20)

Hawaiian Historical Markers (B 12)

Headstones of Centenarians (D 43)

Helicopter Landing Pads (M 36)

Herbaria (R 38)

Hidden Mickeys (G 18)

High Level Marks (F 39)

Highway Giants - Muffler Men (C 24)

Highway Rest Areas (C 18)

Hiking and walking trailheads (C 42)

Hiking Path Footbridges (D 29)

Hindu Temples (E 38)

Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers) (C 51)

Histoires de France (French historical markers) (E 40)

Historic Eats (G 50)

Historic Forts (D 14)

Historic Hand Operated Sluice Gates (P 50)

Historic Preservation Awards (O 51)

Historic Reenactments (B 33)

Historic Trees (N 35)

Historic United Methodist Sites (F 36)

Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks (I 50)

Historical Society Headquarters (G 49)

History Museums (L 13)

Holiday Displays (T 2)

Holy Wells (S 33)

Homemade Tombstones (T 31)

Homesteads (D 25)

Hooters Restaurants (E 41)

Horse Racing Tracks (L 25)

Hospitals (I 33)

Hostels (O 41)

Hot Air Balloon Festivals (F 10)

Hot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows (J 38)

Hot Springs (F 2)

Howard Johnson's (S 40)

Human Error (H 45)

Human Migration Monuments (B 53)

Humane Societies and Rescues (D 27)

Humorous Combination Businesses (K 21)

Hydroelectric Power Stations (H 53)

Ice Age Trail (A 5)

Ice Cream Parlors (O 10)

Ice Skating Rinks (J 12)

Iconic Factories (S 31)

Idaho Historical Markers (H 12)

IHOP Restaurants (R 46)

IKEA (T 49)

Illinois Historical Markers (A 12)

Illuminated School Sports Fields (A 45)

IMAX Theaters (T 22)

Immortalized in Lyrics (R 10)

Impact Craters (C 26)

Improved Order of Red Men (K 47)

In Search of the Celts (T 21)

Independent Artist Supply Stores (N 43)

Independent Bakeries (C 28)

Independent Bookstores (P 34)

Independent Breakfast Spots (S 22)

Independent Cigar Shops (I 28)

Independent Coffee Shops (K 10)

Independent Diners (I 27)

Independent Doughnut Shops (D 24)

Independent Fish Houses (H 31)

Independent Hot Dog Restaurants (J 30)

Independent Movie Rental Shops (M 32)

Independent Music Stores (H 10)

Independent Pharmacies (A 44)

Independent Pizza Restaurants (A 24)

Indiana Historical Markers (F 13)

Indoor Malls (I 23)

Infamous Crime Scenes (F 7)

Inline Hockey Rinks (E 31)

Insect Sculptures (O 2)

Inside Airports (D 47)

Interesting Intersection Names (P 20)

International Space Station Sightings (H 19)

Internet Cafes (P 15)

Inukshuks (D 8)

Iowa Historical Markers (H 16)

Irish-American Historic Places (B 2)

Iron Furnace Ruins (C 2)

Jack In The Box (J 33)

James Bond - 007 (T 42)

Japanese Gardens (H 18)

Japanese Restaurants (D 52)

Jazz Clubs (C 6)

Jimmy Buffett (M 44)

John F. Kennedy (L 43)

Johnny Rockets (L 35)

Juice and Smoothie Bars (I 45)

Junk Design Houses (L 1)

Kansas Historical Markers (M 20)

Karaoke Bars (D 7)

Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants (R 30)

Kentucky Historical Markers (R 11)

Kids Eat Free (E 43)

Kilroy Was Here (H 27)

Kinetic Sculpture and Art (P 48)

Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses (Q 44)

Kissmobile Sightings (Q 5)

Kiwanis International Markers (I 53)

Knights of Columbus Councils (P 43)

Knights of Pythias (I 38)

Kokopelli Sightings (D 51)

Korean Historic Sites (G 44)

Korean War Memorials (M 28)

Kroger Supermarkets (T 35)

Kugel Balls (Q 40)

La Famille Bonaparte (A 37)

Labyrinths (T 25)

Landlocked Boats (R 39)

Landlocked Lighthouses (O 1)

Laser Tag Facilities (H 47)

Last of its Kind (H 41)

Latvian Benchmarks (M 45)

Lavoir (wash houses) (G 5)

Lawn Bowling (G 30)

LDS Church History Sites (G 19)

LEED Buildings (K 44)

Legion Posts and Branches (M 21)

LEGO Sculptures and Models (T 52)

Letters on Hills (O 15)

Lewis and Clark Trail (J 21)

Libraries (N 1)

Lifeboats and Rescue Stations (R 32)

Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts (M 12)

Lighthouse Passport Stamps (K 49)

Lincoln Highway (C 38)

Lincoln Highway Markers (H 5)

Lion Statues (L 7)

Lions Clubs International Markers (A 51)

Literary Sites (H 13)

Live Stage Theaters (B 15)

Living Statues (J 2)

Locomotives (J 22)

Lodge-Style Accommodations (L 26)

London Coal Tax Posts (S 25)

Lonely Chimneys (B 36)

Long Distance Hiking Trails (R 16)

Look-Out Towers (K 15)

Louisiana Historical Markers (Q 12)

Love Padlocks (G 53)

Lucky 7 (N 31)

Luftwaffe Radar Ruins (G 6)

Lustron Homes (G 29)

Lutheran Churches (J 36)

Made for the Millennium (I 34)

Magic Shops (C 47)

Maine Historical Markers (K 41)

Manitoba Historical Markers (D 50)

Man-made Devilish Locations (A 46)

Man-made Waterfalls (B 18)

Maori Historic Sites (T 23)

Marinas (M 47)

Maritime Monuments and Memorials (H 40)

Maritime Museums (R 33)

'Marry Me' Markers (J 18)

Martello Towers (O 33)

Martial Arts (B 24)

Maryland Historical Markers (S 12)

Masonic Temples (H 8)

Massachusetts Historical Markers (T 12)

Master Architects - Deconstructivism (H 26)

Master Architects - International Style (M 25)

Mausoleums (C 43)

McDonald's Restaurants (Q 2)

Medal Of Honor Resting Places (J 6)

Medieval Churches (B 8)

Megachurches (B 42)

Megalithic Monuments (M 13)

Metal Detecting (H 11)

Methodist Churches (R 40)

Mexican Restaurants (O 31)

Michigan Centennial Farms (M 23)

Michigan Historical Markers (B 13)

Milestones (C 33)

Military Ground Equipment Displays (R 20)

Military Installations (K 3)

Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned) (M 16)

Military Surplus Stores (R 25)

Milk Platforms - Maitolaiturit (J 49)

Millennium Trees (E 8)

Mills and Gins (P 38)

Millstones (O 52)

Mines (P 23)

Miniature Golf (O 11)

Miniature Railroads (A 18)

Minnesota Historical Markers (J 15)

Minor League Baseball Stadiums (L 5)

Mississippi Historical Markers (N 17)

Missouri Historical Markers (Q 22)

Model Aircraft Fields (N 38)

Model Railroads (L 34)

Modern Olympic Venues (T 18)

Mold-a-Rama Machines (C 15)

Mom and Pop Rock Shops (D 10)

Monarchs of the World (F 14)

Monopoly in the Real World (A 33)

Montana Historical Markers (H 29)

Monuments Historiques Français (E 35)

Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights (G 51)

Moomins (F 49)

Moon Trees (S 4)

Moose Lodges and Centers (S 34)

Mormon Temples (L 10)

Mosaics (G 39)

Mosques (N 33)

Motor Vehicle Museums (M 15)

Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites (Q 34)

Mountain Bike Trailheads (I 3)

Mountain Summits (G 2)

Movie Locations (I 10)

Movie Theater Meals (O 29)

Moving Bridges (K 7)

Municipal Community Centers (L 39)

Municipal Flags (I 24)

Municipal Parks and Plazas (P 14)

Murals (P 2)

Musical Instrument Retailers (A 42)

Musical Instruments (A 3)

Musician Statues (B 6)

Named Farms and Ranches (R 47)

Named Mountain Gaps (R 28)

Names From the Bible (E 25)

National Parks (U.S.) (O 18)

National Parks of the World (Q 18)

National Public Lands Passport Locations (M 49)

National Scenic Byways (S 36)

National Trust U.K. (E 29)

National Wild and Scenic Rivers (N 45)

Nations Within Nations (A 30)

Native American Trail Trees (A 7)

Natural Arches (R 8)

Natural Lakes (P 52)

Natural Sinkholes (Q 25)

Natural Springs (J 32)

Natural/Organic Food Stores (F 35)

Nature Centers (M 19)

Nature's Balanced Rocks (I 25)

Nautical Flag Poles (I 35)

Nebraska Historical Markers (I 16)

Neon Signs (A 32)

Nevada Historical Markers (O 12)

New Apostolic Churches (A 54)

New Hampshire Historical Markers (E 12)

New Jersey Historical Markers (K 12)

New Mexico Historical Markers (P 22)

New World Ancient Evidence (C 17)

New York Historical Markers (R 12)

New Zealand Historic Places (N 23)

News Article Locations (T 8)

Newspaper Headquarters (L 31)

Newstands / Newsagencies (J 25)

Nike Missile Sites (D 28)

Nobel Laureates (I 29)

Non-Coastal Boardwalks (E 45)

Non-Specific Veteran Memorials (B 19)

Noodle Shops (D 32)

Norske postkontor (Norwegian Post Offices) (B 16)

North Carolina Historical Markers (T 11)

North Country Trail (T 15)

North Dakota Historical Markers (G 16)

Norway Historical Sites (G 43)

Nova Scotia Heritage Properties (F 51)

NPS Passport Cancellation Stations (L 3)

NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings (A 29)

Nuclear Power Plants (M 17)

Nude Beaches (P 16)

Numismatic Photographs (J 52)

Obelisks (P 27)

Occupational Monuments (D 39)

Occupational/Hobby Grave Stones (M 14)

Octagon Buildings (K 6)

Odd Fellow Lodges (C 31)

Oddball Museums (L 9)

Odd-Shaped Buildings (M 1)

Official Local Tourism Attractions (F 19)

Off-Leash Dog Areas (N 8)

Offroad Trails (F 11)

Ohio Historical Markers (S 6)

Oklahoma Historical Markers (I 40)

Old Agricultural Equipment (F 40)

Old Spanish Trail Auto Route (Q 48)

Old Tractors (E 6)

Old World Originals (P 6)

Olmsted Designed Parks (O 22)

Omnivorous Trees (I 42)

One-Room Schoolhouses (J 47)

Ontario Heritage Properties (Q 14)

Ontario Provincial Plaques (F 12)

Oregon Historical Markers (C 12)

Orientation Tables (Q 35)

Orphaned Bridges (P 21)

Orthodox Churches (P 32)

Out of Place Graves (L 2)

Outdoor Altars (A 41)

Outdoor Amphitheaters (C 48)

Outdoor Basketball Courts (B 11)

Outdoor Interactive Science Displays (G 52)

Outdoor Mazes (B 1)

Outdoor Recreation Stores (N 24)

Outdoor Stairways (G 46)

Outdoor Stations of the Cross (Q 29)

Outdoor Warning Sirens (P 4)

Outdoor Wind Harps (B 3)

Outhouses (K 30)

Outside Wooden Display Carvings (S 19)

Ovens and Kilns (J 17)

Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields (G 45)

Painted Barn Quilts (O 35)

Painted Hydrants (S 3)

Painted Mailboxes (B 44)

Paintings Then and Now (R 53)

Paleontology and Fossils (P 53)

Panera Bread Restaurants (Q 45)

Paramedic Stations (P 29)

Património Português (Portuguese Heritage) (Q 51)

Payphones (D 9)

Peace Memorials (C 41)

Peace Poles (I 8)

Peanuts Characters (S 39)

Pedestrian Suspension Bridges (F 6)

Pennsylvania Historical Markers (S 2)

Penny Smashers (O 4)

People-Named Places (M 33)

Permanent Car Displays (A 38)

Permanent Charity Donation Locations (D 42)

Permanent Geographic Coordinates (B 41)

Permanent Orienteering Courses (L 42)

Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures (O 23)

Persian Gulf War Memorials (H 46)

Pet Cemeteries (J 4)

Pet Stores (L 41)

Petrosomatoglyphs (R 45)

Petting Farms and Zoos (F 44)

Philatelic Photographs (H 37)

Photo Cutouts (D 38)

Photo Goals (D 31)

Photos Then and Now (C 8)

Pick-Your-Own Farms (Q 19)

Pictographs (A 8)

Pictorial Pub Signs (J 50)

Pictorial Village Signs (K 50)

Picture Perfect Postcards (L 20)

Piers (F 23)

Pikachu Sightings (J 3)

Pirates (C 44)

Pizza Hut Restaurants (C 35)

Pizza Shops - Regional Chains (M 46)

Places for Recycling (T 36)

Places of Geologic Significance (N 19)

Plane Crash Sites (R 1)

Planetariums (K 34)

Plank Roads (N 5)

Police Memorials (J 26)

Police Stations (K 23)

Political Revolutions (N 52)

Ponce de León (I 39)

Pony Express Monuments (L 4)

Population Signs (B 29)

Portugal Geodetic Points (K 8)

Portuguese Historical Markers (P 51)

Presbyterian Churches (I 44)

Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins (T 34)

Preserved Machines on Public Display (B 54)

Presidential Birthplaces (E 4)

Pre-Victorian Historic Homes (O 36)

Professional Sports Venues (D 21)

Public Access Lands (G 35)

Public and Private Golf Courses (Q 10)

Public Aquariums (L 18)

Public Funiculars and Incline Railways (P 28)

Public Land Survey Marks (N 28)

Public Playgrounds (K 11)

Public Swimming Pools (M 27)

Publicly Held Corporation Headquarters (K 25)

Publix Supermarkets (A 36)

Pubs and Inns (N 3)

Punishment and Disciplinary Devices (S 42)

Pyramids (O 25)

Quadrivia (D 41)

Quaker Meeting Houses (J 34)

Quilt Shops (F 17)

Quiznos (Q 38)

Quonset Huts (O 6)

Racetracks (G 3)

Radio Shack Stores (F 42)

Railroad Bridges (A 15)

Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment (H 44)

Railroad Museums (B 48)

Rails to Trails (L 11)

Railway Disaster Sites (K 24)

Railway Roundhouses (M 10)

Ranger Stations (F 34)

Readable From Above (F 47)

Realistic Object Sculptures (G 31)

Recommended Accommodation (P 31)

Red Telephone Boxes (B 35)

Relief Art Sculptures (S 44)

Religious Freedom (T 51)

Relocated Structures (J 5)

Remains of Settlements (A 48)

Remembering FEPOW (B 49)

Remote Backcountry Shelters (G 10)

Renaissance Architecture (L 47)

Renaissance Fairs (J 10)

Research Institutes (F 48)

Retired Prisons (R 18)

Revolving Restaurants (A 11)

Rhode Island Historical Markers (S 45)

River Gauges (C 22)

River Origins, Destinations and Confluences (A 23)

Roadside Attractions (G 11)

Rock and Mineral Displays (R 49)

Rock-Hounding (P 8)

Roller Coasters (E 26)

Roller Skating Rinks (K 32)

Rolling Ball Sculpture (E 44)

Roman Catholic Churches (J 27)

Ronald McDonald Houses (J 37)

Ropes Course (F 43)

Rose Gardens (G 21)

Rotary International Markers (B 37)

Route 66 - The Mother Road (T 24)

Runestones Worldwide (N 37)

Safe Place Havens (I 37)

Sailing and Yacht Clubs (A 25)

Salt Pans and Mines (H 52)

Salvation Army Locations (P 45)

Saskatchewan Heritage Properties (I 21)

Saskatchewan Historical Markers (N 15)

Satellite Imagery Oddities (I 46)

Scenic at Night (M 41)

Scenic Boat Rides (S 30)

Scenic Hikes (Q 1)

Scenic Overlooks (S 13)

Scenic Railroads (D 15)

Scenic Roadside Look-Outs (Q 13)

School Mascots (J 23)

Science Museums (D 17)

Scouting Headquarters (N 34)

Scouts Monuments and Memorials (L 51)

Sculpture Gardens (E 20)

Self Guided Walks and Trails (T 41)

Self Serve Pet Wash (G 27)

Sequoioideae Trees (L 50)

Seventh-day Adventist Churches (K 36)

Ship Screws and Aircraft Props (H 42)

Shipwrecks (S 9)

Shoe Trees (T 14)

Shooting Ranges (B 17)

Shop24 Machines (D 11)

Shot Towers (I 9)

Signs of History (M 43)

Silhouette Public Art Sculptures (Q 50)

Simulacra (R 6)

Sister City Monuments (B 50)

Sit-by-me Statues (D 20)

Skateparks (T 19)

Ski Jumps (J 53)

Ski Lodges (F 21)

Skyscrapers (E 21)

Sledding Places (S 10)

Small Town, Big Name (A 6)

Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures (Q 47)

Smokey Bear Sign Sightings (L 28)

Sokol Centers (R 51)

Solar Power (Q 28)

Solar System Models (P 40)

Solitary Silos (P 39)

Sonic Drive In Restaurants (B 39)

Soroptimist International Markers (L 53)

South Carolina Historical Markers (S 11)

South Dakota Historical Markers (N 12)

Southern African Trig Beacons (N 53)

Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits (Q 23)

Spanish Heritage (L 52)

Spanish-American War Memorials (G 40)

Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas (D 22)

Specific Veteran Memorials (B 28)

Specific Wars Monuments and Memorials (E 53)

Sphinx Sculptures (T 6)

Spirit of '76 (H 48)

Spring Houses (R 3)

Stained Glass Windows (T 28)

Star Trek (M 38)

Starbucks Stores (B 20)

State Park Passport Locations (J 45)

State/Provincial Parks (D 26)

Static Aircraft Displays (I 12)

Static Artillery Displays (B 21)

Static Train Cars (K 42)

Statues of Historic Figures (G 17)

Statues of Liberty (F 41)

Statues of Religious Figures (T 39)

Steakhouses (H 17)

Stolpersteine (F 46)

Stone Bridges (D 23)

Stone Church Artefacts (L 48)

Subway Restaurants (B 22)

Summit Registers (H 2)

Sundials (L 12)

Super Fund Sites (L 24)

Superlatives (C 23)

Sushi Restaurants (Q 7)

Suspension Bridges (C 4)

Swimming Holes (E 7)

Synagogues (O 43)

Taco Bell Restaurants (B 32)

Taffy Pulling Machines (S 46)

Takeout / Delivery Menus (B 27)

Target Stores (Q 26)

Tattoo Shops/Parlors (I 31)

Tearooms and Teahouses (B 46)

Television and Cable Broadcasting Stations (B 25)

Tennessee Historical Markers (Q 11)

Tennis Facilities (L 27)

Texas Historical Markers (L 16)

TGI Friday's Restaurants (B 40)

Thai Restaurants (D 45)

Thatch Cottages (C 34)

The Disney Store (D 35)

The Great Florida Birding Trail (R 14)

The Holocaust (H 39)

The Local Neighborhood Grocer (T 46)

The Underground (A 47)

Themed Homemade Mailboxes (Q 6)

There's a Book About It (D 34)

This Old Church (R 15)

Thrift Stores (T 17)

Tim Horton's Restaurants (F 20)

Time and Temperature Signs (C 46)

Time Capsules (M 4)

Time Signals (K 53)

Topiaries (N 6)

Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers (C 19)

Tourist Stamps Photos (K 52)

Town and Village Pounds (L 49)

Town Clocks (M 9)

Toynbee Tiles (O 16)

Traffic Parks (M 51)

Trail of Tears (R 26)

Trail Registers (C 16)

Train Cabooses (A 31)

Train Stations/Depots (I 17)

Treehouses (P 10)

Tripoints and Multipoints (Q 52)

Trophies, Medals and Cups (M 50)

Truck Stops (P 25)

Truss Bridges (D 19)

Turtle Crossings (B 5)

U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints (R 2)

U.S. 40 - The National Road (G 32)

U.S. Benchmarks (E 9)

U.S. Civil War General Statues (E 13)

U.S. Civil War Sites (D 18)

U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments (P 18)

U.S. National Natural Landmarks (A 14)

U.S. National Register of Historic Places (I 13)

U.S. National Wildlife Refuges (G 15)

U.S. Post Offices (I 19)

U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials (K 29)

U.S. Route 99 - The Pacific Highway (T 32)

U-Haul SuperGraphics (G 42)

UK Historical Markers (B 43)

UK Post Offices (J 51)

Uncommon Crossing Signs (C 30)

Underground Railroad Sites (C 20)

Unintentionally Funny Signs (F 31)

Unique Artistic Shop Signs (R 52)

Unique Bird Houses (P 9)

Unique Chimneys and Chimney Pots (M 42)

Unique Manhole Covers (H 38)

Unique Steeples (E 28)

Unique Weathervanes (K 4)

Universities and Colleges (F 16)

Unoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins (S 24)

Unusual Signs (S 28)

Unusual Speed Limits (H 4)

Urban Legends and Superstitions (I 41)

Used Book Stores (A 22)

Used Video-Game Stores (S 23)

Utah Historical Markers (G 12)

Vasco da Gama (H 7)

Vegetarian Eateries (T 50)

Velodromes (O 50)

Vermont Historical Markers (D 12)

Vertical Lift Bridges (C 7)

Vértices Geodésicos (R 7)

Veteran Cemeteries (H 28)

VFW Posts (J 29)

Victorian Houses (F 29)

Victorian Post Boxes (E 32)

Video Arcades (N 11)

Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments (I 6)

Vietnam War Memorials (J 24)

Vintage Ad Locations (N 41)

Vintage Gas Stations (M 34)

Vintage Gasoline Pumps (M 29)

Vintage Movie Theaters (D 30)

Viquesney's Spirit of the Doughboy Statues (S 43)

Virginia Historical Markers (I 11)

Volcano Watching (H 15)

Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills (A 43)

Wagon Roads and Trails (F 27)

Wagon Wheels (M 39)

WAL*MART Stores (J 20)

Walt Disney World Benchmarks (F 9)

War and Military Museums (J 31)

War of 1812 (A 40)

Washington Historical Markers (P 12)

Wastewater Treatment Facilities (D 33)

Water Dams (E 22)

Water Mills (D 5)

Water Towers (K 5)

Waterfalls (C 10)

Waterway Locks, Planes and Lifts (M 11)

Wavy Places (S 15)

Wax Museums (Q 41)

Way of St. James (O 53)

Waychapels (Q 9)

Waymark Sticker Seekers (Q 21)

Waymark Tours (WayTours) (Q 27)

Wayside shrines (H 51)

Weather Radars (G 36)

Weather Stations (T 27)

Web Cameras (C 1)

Wedding Chapels (O 49)

Wee Folk Fairy Doors (E 19)

Weird Story Locations (E 2)

Welcome Signs (S 21)

Wendy's Restaurants (P 24)

Wesleyan Churches (P 30)

West Virginia Historical Markers (L 17)

Where's In A Name? (S 5)

Whispering Galleries (C 49)

Whispering Giant Sculptures (T 16)

White Castle (P 35)

Whitewater Rafting Trips (O 32)

Wi-Fi Hotspots (G 1)

Wikipedia Entries (S 8)

Wildlife Museums (O 20)

William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (P 33)

William Shakespeare (N 21)

Windmills (R 9)

Wineries (A 10)

Winter Sports Locations (G 9)

Wisconsin Historical Markers (N 13)

Woman's Clubs (S 35)

Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments (C 37)

Working Water Wheels (D 6)

World Heritage Sites (N 7)

World War I Memorials and Monuments (K 14)

World War II Memorials / Monuments (S 20)

World War II Sites (H 24)

Worldwide Cemeteries (B 26)

WPA Projects (P 26)

WWII Prisoner of War Camps (T 30)

Wyoming Historical Markers (O 24)

Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe (P 41)

Yellow Arrow Lookup (D 1)

YMCA / YWCA (F 37)

'You Are Here' Maps (A 28)

Your Name Here (R 21)

'Z' Welcome Signs (S 7)

Zinc Headstones (G 28)

Zip-line (K 51)

Zippy the Pinhead Locations (R 43)

Zoos (F 4)

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Excellent - I'll just refer to this topic the next time I get a new icon. All in one spot rather than having to open a spreadsheet which I know nothing about anyway or a Document which I tried but it refused to save indicating I wasn't connected. Too much of that stuff related to bulls. It's a warm Winter's day so time to get out back out there. Thanks.

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On 7/9/2013 at 11:47 AM, BruceS said:

You can copy the grid and paste special only text into a spreadsheet program. It will put each category into its own cell as the alternate text for each icon is the category name. (Note I can get this to work using Firefox but not Chrome)

As a test I tried this with Chrome. It works fine - you just have to start your "drag" from off the grid to the left side of the first icon you want to capture.


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Same here.  Copied in Google spreadsheet ... I can highlight the cells that I have found.

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