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GPS MAZE EUROPE - Czech Republic

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Dear geocachers,

we are very proud to announce you that Czech Association of Geocaching (CAGeo) succeeded in bringing a very first "GPS MAZE" into Europe in cooperation with Geocaching.com. "GPS MAZE EUROPE - Czech Republic" will be organised on 6th-8th September, 2013 and will be open NONSTOP and for FREE


We would like to invite you all into the beautiful capital of our country - Prague - that will become a "Capital of Geocaching" in September 2013 due to very firts GPS MAZE EUROPE and also paralell "GECOINFEST EUROPE 2013 - Prague" and its subevents! Moreover you can sightsee city of Prague and its more than 2.000 caches incl. 2 officially mostly visited caches in the world.


Please, do not hesitate to accept our invitation for the very first GPS MAZE EUROPE and gain a very new icon into your geo-statistics ;-)


For more information, please read:

Listing: http://coord.info/GC45GGA

Information: http://www.cageo.cz/maze/


Czech Association of Geocaching - CAGeo.cz

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