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How many *active* geocachers worldwide?

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Here's an interesting tidbit to think about:


I tried to look up another player today, "Hammock_Guy", and I typed the word "hammock" into the player search box. It gave me 20 names with the word hammock in them. Of those 20 names only 3 were active. 14 had never logged a find on the account.


Hammock4 and Hammock5 were obviously name testing done by someone who eventually chose something else but just created a whole new account instead of changing the name. I thought some of the others - hammockguy, hammockgal, hammockhanger, etc - might have been placeholders but they were all created in different years. It's like they signed up to be able to browse through the site, but then never went caching.


So choose a word and search for yourself and report back.

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I don't remember seeing this mentioned in this discussion, so I'll mention it:

Someone a little while back noticed that spammer accounts are not deleted. Any spam forum posts or logs are deleted, and the account is locked, but it remains in existence. Here's one example I bookmarked after hearing about this. All that account ever did on this site was make some spam posts in the forums, yet it's included in the total of "geocachers worldwide". Leaving these accounts open not only seems like a really unethical (in my eyes) way of inflating numbers for marketing purposes (those accounts were NEVER geocachers), it also ties up names that a new cacher may want to use.

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