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Ok I give up!

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I've been trying to create a PQ since I became a premium member over a week ago with no luck. I've done the tutorial step by step along with about 20 youtube videos. No matter what boxes I check or uncheck or how I configure it I get "0" caches found. Am I stupid or something?

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I've gone through and checked each box one at a time. I even did the same PQ that they did in the tutorial on the PQ page. The only one I get results from is the "My Finds" that's at the bottom of the page.


Don't check that special "my finds" pq box.



Did you mistakenly click "Add to queue"? The "Add to Queue" button on the pocket query page is ONLY for getting a pocket query of all of YOUR finds.


On Markwell's pq site I linked to above, the "simplest" is:


Simplest Setup

The simplest version of the pocket query puts the least amount of restrictions on what caches you'll receive. Each criteria you add is MORE restrictive, so for your first PQ, set up a non-restrictive list of caches.


On that page, there is a graphic that shows the simplest setup:






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I've left everything in the default settings except a few attributed just like the tutorials say to do.

The "attributes" are kind of advanced. Most caches don't even use them, or they're applied inconsistently. I don't select any "attributes" when making PQs.


Select only the "My Home Location" radio button (in the "From Location" box), click "Submit Information" and you'll get a preview list of up to 500 caches. Then select more things til it looks good, name your PQ, and checkmark a day to run it.

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Hello, I also had a lot of trouble creating my first Query. The first thing I would like to say, since it was my problem - is that you tell it what day to make the query, and it will email it to you on that day. When you CREATE it, it will NOT run right away.


Now, lets goes through the entire process. First off, get to the Pocket Query page. Clicking on your name in the upper right corner of geocaching.com will bring you to a dashboard for your account. Along the right side are options. Scroll down to "Premium Features" and click on "Build Pocket Queries"



Next your going to Click on "Create a new Query"



This next page is where you set up your pocket query. The first option is when to run it. The default is NOT SET, so you must check atleast one day. If you want it to be recerated (updating with any new caches each time) Make sure the second bullet is selected and not the first.




Below this is a "Caches Total" box. Make sure the number isn't set to 0 for some reason


After this you will select the type of caches you want. Because this is your first one and we first need to learn the basics, I suggest these next two are both left at "any type"



Next you need to add specific conditions for the caches. Most likely you want to see ones you have not found yet, so go ahead and check the first box. If more are selected make sure they aren't contradictory (I own AND I don't own would not work)



The next boxes ask for countries and states to search in. I have never messed with these boxes, as the NEXT step will make this one redundant. I suggest leaving these alone.



Here you will tell it where to search for caches matching your above criteria. There are multiple choices in how to do this, but I suggest using coordinates. You can find the coordinates to your house, a park, a city, etc and it will be much more accurate then just selecting a postal code. I always find coordinates for this step using google earth on my computer. Below the box is a place to set a radius. This determines how far out from the center coordinates to look. The default is huge. I believe withing 5 miles is large enough for any park or residence, however you can set it how you like.



Everything else can be left alone unless you would like to add attributes. Attributes are things that describe the cache. I.E. are dogs allowed, is climbing gear required, is it available 24/7.

Clicking an attribute once sets it to positive. I.E. Click the dog and set it to "Yes, dogs are allowed"

Clicking it again sets it to negative. I.E Click the dog again and a red line appears. "No, dogs are not allowed"

If it is not lit up at all it has not been set to positive or negative.

If you do not completely understand these, I suggest leaving these sections alone for your pocket query.


The final thing to do is click "Submit information". This will save your pocket query, and by going to your pocket query list you can see it has been added. Now all you need to do is wait until the day you told it to run, and it will automatically email it to you on that day.



Very informative! Thanks

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