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Downtown Chicago caches

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I don't have a list for all of downtown, just the two I found on my one night trip.




Both were 'must see'. I was staying at the Omni hotel and walked to both.

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Here are a few (including the ones already mentioned by mdplayers) that you might want to do:


Passing the Buck, Buckingham Fountain.

City in a Park, Field Museum.

Best view in Chicago?, Shedd Aquarium.

Stone Faced, Tribune Building. One of my favorite virtuals.

So many Storeys, So Little Time, The Sears (or Willis) Tower.

Cloud Gate aka The Bean, just what the name says.

Chicago's Water Tower, one of the few survivors from The Great Fire.

The Looping Art Tour, Picasso Statue and other works of art.

ADTTMOT #11: Temporary Kings, Art Institute of Chicago.

Explorers Wanted!, this is an event that's but will lead you to the Adler Planetarium.


Hope those help. If you want any other info just ask by either posting here, or contacting me thru my account.

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Thanks for these caches. I downloaded all of them to my GPS. I have heard of two others which I did not see here or on a quick look at the map. One was at a Marilyn Monroe statue and the other was at a famous old restaurant that I have been at a long time ago but the name is not coming to me now. I was hoping for a GPX file of the caches but Guess I can look at the map and download from there. Will need to do some planning on where to stay and either bring a bike or rent one to get some of the caches. Thanks, CachingGrandPA.

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