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eTrex 20 Routes Question

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Only had the eTrex 20 since Saturday and loving it. With the free UK maps from TalkToaster and then being able to update these for everyone on the openmapsource website is just great.:D


I have a question regarding using the eTrex 20 and routes.


On my older eTrex H when you created a route the GPSr would always head for the next available waypoint along the route (based on if which way of the routing you had told it to go to). This was ideal as you could create a walk and if you had the coordinates out slightly when you had reached near the waypoint and was then closer to the next one the GPSr would automatically give the new heading.:rolleyes:


I played with a route yesterday to start at work and visit 3 caches and then return to work. Using to Where To on the eTrex 20 I selected the route. Even though I had left work it constantly tried to route me back to work before it would go to the next waypoint.:mad: Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? Will I need to edit the route as I travel and delete the waypoints from it as I reach / pass them if they are not actually hit on the route?:wacko:


Thanks in advance.



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It's a setting you're missing :)


You want Setup>Routing>Off road transitions. Yours must be set on manual, choose one of the others depending on what you want. I have mine set to auto.


No I have the following settings for Routing....


Guidance Method: Off Road

Calculate Routes for: Car / Motorcycle

Lock On Road: No

Off Road Transistions: Auto

Avoidance Setup: Road Features

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Well those are pretty unusual for walking a route :)


I'm assuming you are walking?


If you're using direct routing then set Guidance Method as Off Road, Calculate Routes for Pedestrian, Lock on road No, Off Road Transitions Auto ... that will allow you to bypass points on a route.


If you're using routing provided by the TT maps you need to set Guidance Method to On road (seems counter intuitive but that will route you along footpaths etc), remainder the same.

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Thanks for the reply.


Initially I was trying to create a route for drive by caches. Happy to stop and change navigation as I reach each one and then start the route off again where hoping as I pass the cache it jumps to the next one.


I will also require the walking routing that I mentioned to start with, allowing me to walk near by a waypoint where the GPSr then realizes I've gone past it to point to the next waypoint.



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Yes I've noticed that it likes to take you down the sort of roads you wouldn't normally go down.

If I was still living in Suffolk I'm sure I'd have seen lots of roads with grass down the middle, done that plenty of time with a Caravan on the back of the car following a sat nav.


Thanks for the help.

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