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Pocket Quarries won't show my finds

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There's a special Query just for 'My Finds'. on the Pocket Query page, below the grey line that says 'My Finds' there's a button that reads 'Add to Queue'. Click that and you'll get your finds in a query.

While that answer is somewhat helpful and correct, that is not what they asked. They asked what they were doing wrong to get a PQ of 0 found. Right down there by the PQ submit button are Pocket Query Tips:


Here's some good ones: The (and) and (or) means each selection would either be an 'and' or 'or' statement when you check two or more options.


Don't go overboard! When you put together a pocket query, make sure you don't combine searches that won't work. The easiest mistake is to check too many boxes so that you get no results at all!


Such as I own AND I don't own. That will get you a zero every time.


We can save the explanation for "Why don't ALL my finds show up in a PQ" till after some of their finds get archived.

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