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Priest Lake, ID bear story

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Wife and I walked in to a cache near Hunt Falls just east of Priest Lake in the Idaho panhandle. On the way back to our car we discovered a black bear in the trail. While we were deciding whether to wait until it moved on or to try to walk through the brush to get past it, the bear pulled a mountain ash tree down onto the trail. It then started to leisurely strip off and eat the red berries while we waited and watched a safe (we hoped) distance up the trail. After what seemed a very long time, Mr. (or Miss) Bear finished its meal and slowly ambled off the trail and down the slope. We somewhat fearfully (maybe the bear would circle back) hastened to our car, arriving at it without further excitement. icon_cool.gif



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I hope you put that in your log entry! I went to an urban park and found some used needles near the cache. I posted a log about it and the owner was good and left my log there. I think that is a mature think to do.



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Ok so this wasn't while I was geocacheing but definatley related.


My first job as speech thereapist was in Mission SD. I lived in Mission SD in the middle of the Rosebud reservation. Very beautiful but sparsely populated place. I was responsible for driveing to 5 of the reservation schools....I drove an orange austin marina that my Dad had fixed up for me; it was the best car ever but I was a rather new driver. The terrain in Mission was a mix of flat, very hilly and sandy such that roads at times would wash out.


Well one day I was on my way to the Rosebud school. I had to drive up a very stiff incline, in my stick shift (on winter days had to race up or else would not make it to the top and end up sliding down).......So on this spring day I made it 3/4 of the way up the hill to the blind side...I couldn't see what was at that point until I arrived. What was there was the largest bull buffalo I had ever seen in my life and 2 or 3 of his buddies. And I am in this orange car wondering if a bull buffalo would charge like a bull cow when presented with red...and that I can't go off the road because there was a drop...in a split second I decided to go for it...and gunned it past the buffalo....... whoa that was 20 years ago and my heart started racing again just thinking about it



"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)


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