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Death of our Sport


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Originally posted by worldtraveler:

I dunno. I've been participating in the sport and these forums since last October, and I think that there are already enough of us loonies involved that the cat's pretty far out of the bag already! icon_biggrin.gif




Yeah, no doubt. I think geocaching has an abnormally high percentage of obsessive maniacs without inviting the rest of the world over for a boo.



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Originally posted by White Rabbit:

The word of mouth is a good idea, but once the media gets ahold of something, they're not going to let it go. I'm sure a lot of the newsstations/newspapers/magazines that ran a story on the sport are keeping an eye on what's going on for possible follow ups. There's no stopping the media.

Sure you can stop the media. I work for a news outfit and I'll never let them in on this obsession. I was denied a raise this year so piss on 'em I say! icon_mad.gif

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We cannot allow ourselves to be shocked into fear. Sure there are sick freaks in the world but there are also nice people who place geocaches in really cool places for us to find.

Caution, perserverance, and an unshakeable desire to go looking for that "next" cache is what is required to sustain not only ourselves but our way of life.

Light sarcasm aside, we ought not to focus on what "may" kill us but what "will" get us through the journey.

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I am not going to worry about some knuckle-head who wants to plant a bomb in a geocache. We could all say "what if," to every possible thing that could ever happen. What if someone loaded their car with explosive and blew themselves up in the middle of I-10 in Los Angeles during rush hour? What if someone idiot drove his car through the doors of the mall entrance with the help of a buddy and started plowing down shoppers? We could all think of 1,000,001 different things, and never leave the house for fear of having something wrong happen.


I plan to keep right on living! I am not going to let some radical terrorist change my life and keep me from having fun.


Just some thoughts.

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This is strange - I am using the same quotes in two different threads on the same day....


"As I was walkin' up the stair

I saw a man who wasn't there

He wasn't there again today

Oh how I wish he'd go away"


If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid looking in a mirror, because I bet that will really throw you into a panic.

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icon_mad.gif HA! I agree with VentureForth, what a paranoid bunch of tripe this thread is! LOL You've go to be pretty egocentric to think a terrorist would want to waste their time killing a worthless nerd who has a GPS in place of a social life. icon_mad.gif


Sorry to be so harsh, wake up and smell reality, 50x more likely to die from Lime Disesase than ever encountering a boobie trapped geocache. icon_biggrin.gif

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I also have to agree... your basic terrorist isn't interested in hurting one or two people that are participating in a sport that is still sort of "low profile". Terrorist are interested in hurting people and making a statement. PLEASE do not think that you are gonna find a cache that will kill you.


Also... about missing caches... I tried to find one in NJ that was infact missing and promptly replaced... I als discovered another one that is missing and was most likely picked up as trash during a Watershed Cleanup event in PA (I was one of the volunteers that was cleaning along a creek from a canoe).

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I have not read the entire thread, but I am wondering why every one is so concerned about terrorist and not the average nut ball?


Lets face it there will eventually be a bomb put in a cache sometime, think of the reaction they would get from reading these fouroms (they would do it since so many people think it is unlikely). There are no safe gaurds to prevent this from happing, there are no crimanal checks done before some one is allowed to place a cache (or hunt, since one can be placed in an existing cache), and we have no idea the intent/ type of indivdual that hunt/hide the caches we search for. Add to that that most can be set up way inadvanced before some one comes along, and the added perk that some will eventually open it (not like your ordinary bomb that may be discovered since they are out of place). It seems to me that caches may be a prime target for the normal run of the mill phycos.


But like most of you. I would worry more about the drive than the cache.


Wyatt W.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

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