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Problem posting pictures, anyone else have this happen?

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WHen logging the find I tried to upload the require GPS in the picture shot. I typed my title. browsed, found the picture on my hard drive, clicked ok. immediately I am greeted with the main geocaching.com webpage. No reason, no explanation, I'm jsut there. I am still logged in.


I try again 3x & same results. I close my browser, try again, still same result. No other problems logging finds & pictures to some other finds. Has anyone experienced this? I refused to loosen a lugnut over this and just loaded them to my own website & linked. Very very weird....





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I haven't been posting any images to cache pages, but I have been trying to post some in the logo creation thread and never was able to.....had to make links to my site like you did.

Also, every time I try to reply to a post I get thrown back out to the main forum 4-5 times before I can post. It's getting annoying, I'm close to giving it up.



This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

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