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Basecamp Ver 4.2.1

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Changes made from version 4.1.2 to 4.2.1:


Added Trip Planner

Adds an easy way to plan multi-day trips

Round trip support

Can print a trip itinerary

Can add destinations along a route

Flying support (airport and flight number look-up)

Supports traveling between different time zones

Can add Adventures that you'd like to take as part of your trip

Routing Improvements

Added support for different route profiles for different legs of a route

Added RV and Truck routing profiles with special route options

Find Improvements

Added support for UK postal code search

Added support for Yelp search

Added support for named POI search (far away POIs should be found if it's an exact name match)

Added support for POI category search (you can type 'Hotels, Las Vegas, NV')

Added quick search (hover over the map to invoke it)

Added ability to display more search results

Fixed various find issues

Basestation Improvements

Added support for displaying BirdsEye while in Basestation mode

Added support for displaying and saving the track of the Basestation itself

Added support for displaying the most recent update time for Basestation contacts

Added support to have different folders and lists with the same name (as long as they have a different parent in the folder hierarchy)

Added support for changing the location of BaseCamp's database

Added Irish Transverse Mercator grid

Fixed an issue where roads from the base map were displaying along with roads from the detailed map

Fixed an issue where BaseCamp was not displaying properly localized map labels

Fixed issue with Garmap Southern Africa Topo & Rec 2012.3 NT not being displayed in BaseCamp

Fixed an issue with certain file names for Adventures and Garmin Cloud

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