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Geocaching in Croatia


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I am going to Croatia this weekend (probably will be there in 3rd of July) and I have some free time for geocaching. My route is from Hungary to Zagreb to Zadar and then to Pula (map)

I contacted one of Croatian cachers and he suggested to visit this forum. I would like to ask you some suggestions for great caches in my route (map doesn't show that. but I will be in Zagreb for one day as well). I will be together with family (including 10 years old boy) and I would like to focus on good caches - interesting traditional or really cool earth caches. It would be so great, if you could recommend some places which are not included in all tourist maps but still - beautiful and interesting.

In Zagreb you have a lot of mystery and multi caches. I won't have time for all of them, but which are "Must get"?

Hints about good camping sites or apartment rent near the route will be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advice and

Greetings from Latvia!



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Hi Akviinas!

I could recommend some caches on your way.

If you like old castles, you can visit "Stari Grad Čakovec" (Old Town Čakovec). That is right after crossing hungarian-croatian border. And there is another castle in Varaždin (cache "Stari Grad-Old Town"). After you pass Zagreb (capitol of Croatia), there is castle in Karlovac (30 km after Zagreb) with cache "Utvrda Dubovac".

In your map, stage B, there is "Plitvice lakes"- this is must see earthcache. On road near stage B there is another earthcache called "Slunjčica-KOrana in Rastoke". It is also very nice.

Stage C- Zadar- don't forget to visit "Zadar Sea Organ".

When you go after Rijeka, if you turn on road to Učka, you will get to top of mountain Učka (cache "Učka 1300") with scenic view on Istria, northern Adriatic sea and part of Slovenia.

In Pula, there is "Amphiteater Pula", an old amphitheater from Roman times.

In Zagreb , capitol of Croatia, you can visit caches "Trg" (main square in Zagreb), multi cache "Šetnja Starim Gradom", "Tkalca", "Weather Post", and other great places in center of Zagreb.

I hope that I helped you with choosing caches.

Happy caching!

Dr Zagy

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hello and welcome :)


i'll try to cover most of the way with my experiences... will divide into few posts to make it simpler :)




as for the entrance to Croatia, Varazdin is a lovely town and as Zagy mentioned STARI GRAD ( Old Town ) (GC2RR2M) / is a nice place to visit. continuing towards Zagreb i enjoyed Aqua Iasae - (GC2V03A) old roman excavations and pretty neat place to see :) it will take about 30-40 minutes to get off the highway, pick it up and get back again.

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once in Zagreb these are my recommendations (i apologize for including my hides as well - i tried to be as objective and use favorite count on my hides and my enjoy in finding others :)):

Funicular / Uspinjaca / - (GC30VBE)

Trg - (GC34M6A)

Zagreb TB Hotel - (GC3APNM)

Šetnja starim gradom - (GC43XVF) - multi, will take abour 45 mins

Park Ribnjak - (GC439M2)

Poštanski sandučić - (GC47NHN)

Street art - (GC30E08) - another nice multi

Scout barack - (GC3PXGC)

Pimp my pump series - this is my favorite but any one is great Pimp my Pump: Mile & Lale - (GC4D4TF)


As for the mysteries these are my favorites in ZG but any one from ArizonaSmith will do:

Hello! Is it me you're looking for? - (GC3HK4F)

For a few Numbers more... - (GC34Y34)

might be a bit difficult but worthwhile - if you need hints ;)


These caches will take you to a less known but great places:

Botanical garden - (GC314R2)

Crkvica Sv.Jurja/St. George’s Chapel - (GC3NNB9)


If you have time to visit Park maksimir (nice park for a walk and peaceful enjoyment including canoing on a lake) there are quite a few caches there - these i'd recommend:

Monkey business - (GC48ZCF) - the only Wherigo cache in Croatia

Knights of the Round Table - (GC48X76)

A walk in the woods - (GC491A4) - a night cache


In case you like to climb:

DenOS - (GC1Y7NA)

Thank you! - (GC3VHZD)

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Zadar and surroundings


in the city itself:

Zadar sightseeing - (GC31NHX) - nice multi... will take you about an hour but worthwhile; getting all the best from it :)

Zadar´s first - (GC2XNVP) - less known location but we loved it

Zadar Sea Organ - (GC322MF)


beautiful town Nin nearby:

Nin - (GC3WREJ) - great multi that will show you around

medieval box - (GC31NH1) - brilliant little chapel on small hill


this one is not on your route but not to far either:

Vinnetou in Pueblo - (GC2D5TE) - nice story and incredible scenery


this one is on route:

Zavratnica - (GC2DXRK)

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Other places to visit


on your way i would definitely recommend stopping at these places :)

Plitvička jezera - Plitvice - Croatian national park; the most beautiful one...

Rovinj - Rovinj

Nin - listed in the caches departement :)

Two small towns in central Istria - a bit out of the way but nice places :)

Hum - the smallest town in the world




looking forward to see you soon and hope this helps a bit :)


@others - feel free to fill in :)

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