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The Switched at Birth episode wasn't too far off in its treatment of geocaching, but obviously not written by a real geocacher. When the geocachers found the cache, they traded swag but didn't sign the log sheet. They also searched only a few feet from muggles in a rather obnoxious, obtrusive way (under a bench where someone was reading). Still, they described it fairly accurately and made it sound like a fun activity. I wouldn't be surprised if the lead character Daphne continues to go geocaching with the hunky guy.

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I was glad to see geocaching being a part of Switched at Birth in the latest episode.


I also noticed that the cacher swapped swag but didn't sign the logsheet. They didn't show whether or not Daphne signed the log in the pinecone cache, and she apparently "traded down" and was called out for that. Her stealth techniques left quite a lot to be desired!


Later when they both embarked on the multi cache, I was a little disappointed that they didn't show any redirectors (one was maybe on the bottom of a fence rail or in a fence post), and they gave up before finishing. There was a bird feeder hanging on the side of the bridge for goodness sake! What could be more out of place than that?


It didn't show Daphne searching with her phone, but other than that, no GPS devices were ever shown.



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The other night we watched a one-hour show on PBS (Buffalo, NY affiliate) that was all about geocaching. It looked like it was filmed in 2011. It was on at something like 2:30 am; good thing we had a PVR!


I started a little geocaching last year, using my in-laws' borrowed car GPS. It just doesn't quite cut it, and it was borrowed, so this has fallen by the wayside. But the show got me interested again.


The "host" of the show was username something like "travisaurus rex," but I looked up his profile, and it isn't him. I'll have to watch it again and note the usernames better.

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