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iPhone data usage question.

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Ok so this is a full newbie question. I’m using the iPhone App on an iPhone 4s with a very limited data plan. I saved some caches to an “Offline List”. If I set the phone to “Airplane Mode”, I can still access the cache info and navigate. Does doing so use any of the data from my plan or is it a separate GPS function?

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I honestly can't answer your question from experience.... The last time I tried using our iphone 4's without cell signal, it took soooooooooooooo long and often locked up and wouldn't do anything. So...needless to say, we never tried that again. Spent more time waiting for the APP to ....do anything.


You'll have to do some 'experimenting' - If you don't already have an APP that shows your data usage, get one.

Look at your data usage.... go out and turn airplane mode off....and see how it works. Look for one geocache and then check your data usage again (although the data, it might not update that quickly). You're not going to use up all your data just by searching for one geocache. I'll use the phone at least a half dozen times in one month and I have yet to come close to my 2GB plan with Verizon - but then again, I don't download much at all on my phone or watch videos & such. Try geocaching and continue to watch your data usage.


It all depends on how much data you use without geocaching....how close do you get to your limit every month?


Just monitor your usage..... and you'll have an idea of how much it takes. Or....get a handheld GPS and never worry about that again.

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