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Category Proposal - Animal statue

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Im new to Waymarking, but I have spent a lot of the last couple of weeks finding creating new waymarks. I had found a bunch when I was on vacation but in my home town there isnt many already. I am creating all of the new ones.

I dont really know how to do this, so this is part of my first attempt at proposing a new category.


if anyone wants to correct my method that would be great. I assume it goes like this:

1. create a group,

2. invite friends to join the group or advertise here on the forums for people to join the group,

3 when you get at least two additional members and promote them to officers you get the option to submit the group to peer review. you then have to discuss all of the details including the variables and name and when a unanimous decision is reached you submit the category for peer review.

4 pending peer review, you may have a new category, of which you are now the reviewer.


is this correct?


so here goes:

I'm starting a new group and am looking for members who want to support and possibly become officers of the group. its based on animal statues relating not to a specific animal, but to the species, breed, or type of animal. i have seen statues of cats, turtles, dogs, cows, giraffes, horses, and cows. there is currently a group for animal memorials for specific animals, and also a category for fiberglass horses. why should horses or famous animals have all the fun? My home town has about a dozen different breeds of cattle statues througout the town. I want to waymark them, and I'm sure there are plenty of other statues looking for this category!


if you are interested, go to the group at this address:

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Hi again,


some animals have their own categories like:







Dinosaurs (are not really animals, or are they?)


That has to do with the history of the category creation.


All the other animals you can waymark in the Figurative Public Sculptures category.


Happy Waymarking,



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