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Miini-Power EC Trail


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Ah! Good idea! I can walk you down a few blocks of Fifth Avenue in NYC, and have you compare the building stones!


I guess I'm just an old fashion rock freak, but I would enjoy that.


Building grade rock is often attractive and very distinctive. The way a rock unit forms creates distinctive properties that influence how useful it may be for building material. I teach a unit on it in my science classes.I think it's a very practical application of geology; some of my students will need to choose between various rock products for their homes and businesses.


Some of them will need a little awareness of the properties of rocks when they talk to people about building their homes or buying land. It's helpful to know about limestone and karst topograhy in the area I live in, for instance. It helps to explain the risk of sink holes on your property, or why you might need a certain type of septic system, or why you need to protect the underground water system from pollution.


The type of rocks in an area tell the history of the area, too. The middle of southern Indiana isn't a place you'd expect to find an ocean beach, but it used to be the edge of the ocean. The place I am sitting right now (in extreme southern Indiana) used to be 50-100 feet under water. Knowing those two things helps explain why you find a lot of coral reef type fossils in the limestone near me, but the rocks 60 miles away have signs of lapping waves, while 60 miles the other way the microscopic organisms left behind a smooth, easy to cut limestone that sturdy to build with as well as beautiful.


It's all in the way it's presented. A story is only as good as the way it is told. An EarthCache is a way to bring the story of the geologic process back to life.

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I think we need all kinds of earthcaches! Sure, some are hikes to rare areas. But I like simple ones at rest areas while I travel, too. I just like to learn, and I'll take any EC, anywhere. There's a place for the hikes and there's a place for the simpler ones to be done on vacation. They are all a learning opportunity!

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Well, the USGS thought it was interesting enough to publish a booklet on it:

"Building Stones of our Nation's Capital" - http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/stones/


People seem to enjoy these caches :)




I would have to agree, building materials play an integral part in man's use of geology. Large cities often conveniently illustrate this concept in a rather small area.


Here I thought: "What could possibly be the basis for an EC...on the National Mall?" Now I know!

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