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Category Proposal: United Empire Loyalists

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There is a category under Memorials for the US Revolutionary War. The waymarks in the category are all for the US memorials.


I believe that there should also be a category for the United Empire Loyalists. These are the people that remained loyal to the British Crown and were forced from their lands and homes during and at the end of the war. At least 60,000 settled in what is now Canada. There are memorial plaques all across the country as a great number of Canadians are descended from at least one of these people.

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It is difficult to estimate how many monuments and plaques there are dedicated to the United Empire Loyalists in Canada. Many have already been waymarked in categories such as Ontario Provincial Plaques, Canadian National Historic Sites, Saskatchewan Historical Markers, Homesteads, World Wide Cemeteries, and most probably Signs of History. However and given that the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants played a huge role in the development of Canada as we know it today, I would be inclined to support such a category should you be prepared to further support your proposal through the forum and peer review. In essence, and in addition to monuments and plaques, what else would you include as being waymarkable in this category? An estimate as to how many waymarks this category could generate would also be appreciated.

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