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XATCHER - Windows 8 - Phone App

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XATCHER - Windows 8 - Phone App.


Does anyone have experience with this app?


It seems to good to be true when looking at the features.

It boasts offline capabilities such as offline logging and also offline GPS searching with saved Caches.


In fact there are a whole host of features and all for only £1.49!


I just wondered if anyone has used or does regularly use this app?

And if so could you provide some sort of review?

I get fed up of spending my money on apps that turn out to be a load of crap.


Many thanks in advance to anyone who can provide any help/info on this App.





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You may download feature unlimited trial version which works for 20 days.


Nice one thanks! :lol:

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Its a shame its not free like all the others are. dry.gif


Did you realize that it costed you more in term of "billable time" to open the browser, login to the forum and write this comment, than paying 1.99USD for the application? :)

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