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Hiding Caches to Karaburun Peninsula in Izmir/Turkey

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Hi all,


we will try to increase number of the caches in Turkey and so we do a project to encourage new geocachers, experienced geocachers to hide cache to Karaburun Peninsula in İzmir ( west of the Turkey). Our project have 2 stages and Details are below.


Project Name: Hiding Caches in Karaburun Peninsula


Project Date : Start Date 01.01.2013

End Date 31.12.2013


Project Description:


Our project have 2 Stage. First stage, our aim is to hide 10 Tradinational Caches as Geocaching Maceralari.So in first stage we will try to hide 10 tradinational caches.


Second Stage, we want to include all people that want to hide cache in Karaburun Peninsula (in İzmir). Second Stage's aim is to hide at least 5 caches in Karaburun Peninsula. If you want to join our little project to improve Geocaching in Turkiye, please contact us from our mail address ( geocachingmaceralari@gmail.com) or post a reply here or just hide a cache to Karaburun and then mail us or write here your cache coorninates.


Shortly, if you want to join this project, contact us and hide 1 cache in Karaburun Peninsula. This project will increase cache number in Turkiye also in Karaburun Peninsula. And also You will visit nice place in Turkiye. Karaburun Peninsula is really good Peninsula. In Karaburun there are a lot of good place. Sea and Nature are unique.


For more information about Karaburun Peninsula, see links below:


Location of Karaburun : http://www.karaburun.bel.tr/kara/english/konumeng.htm

History and Mythology of Karaburun: http://www.karaburun.bel.tr/kara/english/karaburuntariheng.htm

Google Map


Some Tourism of Karaburun : http://www.karaburun.bel.tr/kara/english/turizmplajeng.htm

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