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Garmin is so quiet

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why is Garmin so quiet? No SW updates for etrex models, Montana models and for the new oregon models. All of them need some attention.My Etrex freezes some times. And for what I read both Montana and the new oregon also have some bugs.


Are new models come soon?




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For the most part version 3.00 is working OK on my eTrex 20, but I am having some issues.


It seems every time I do a GSAK export of caches to the GPS, it takes forever for it to index the GPX file and most times it fails, requiring a reboot that seems to resolve it.

Sometimes it will index the GPX fine, but the next time I start up the GPS without changing the GPX file, it sees it as being a new GPX and goes through the index process.


I'm also have problems with the map display.


If I am in the automotive profile to navigate to a cache location (map displayes 2 fields: speed and direction) and then switch to the geocaching profile, the map display fields from the automotive profile are displayed on the map in the geocacaching profile. I have to change it to use the geocaching dashboard.


Oddly though, if I switch back to the automotive profile, the correctly set map fields are displayed.


The strangest thing I've found so far happened the other night. Driving home, my OSM map went blank for no apparent reason; no roads, trees, etc. nothing at all.


I had to restart the GPS to get the map back, but then the GPX index failure occurred and I had to reboot again.

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No problems with FW 3.00 in eTrex 30?

I am surprised as still quite annoying things persist:


1. Trip computer now shows very irrelevant elevation gains and losses. They are too low.

It is easy to check on the cable car or chair lift.

2. The other problem with FW 3.00 is again the BUG: "GPS response at low speeds". It means that when You use eTrex as pedestrian and You walk alone it frequently shows speed 0 miles/hour. It results in inaccurate, too low trip distance measurements. This complain is not relevant to other activities as biking, cycling etc.

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I don't use GSAK. My Etrex therefore has displayed none of the peculiararities you mention ... including the issue with the data fields. You might want to try a master reset.

I don't think it has anything to do with GSAK.

The same thing would likely occur if I was simply putting an updated GPX from a PQ on it. I have about 1700 caches loaded at the moment.


I ran an error check on the microSD card where the GPX, POI, and map files are stored; it tested fine.


A master reset is a last resort that I am trying to avoid; it takes too long to reconfigure the various profiles to the way I want them set up.


I'll definitely have to offload everything if I do a reset...the last time it was reset, it lost track of waypoint files that were on the unit, but it didn't see them.

Based on what I've seen, a reset isn't a true reset....some things still stick around, so there isn't a way to get the unit back to a true fresh start.

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Thanks for those links. I've saved them.


I wonder if part of my problem is that I went from 2.8 to 2.9, back to 2.8 and now to 3.0.


Being VERY unhappy with 2.9, I reverted back to 2.8 which caused a corrupted file problem that I fixed with chkdsk and then was stable on 2.8 after that.

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2. The other problem with FW 3.00 is again the BUG: "GPS response at low speeds". It means that when You use eTrex as pedestrian and You walk alone it frequently shows speed 0 miles/hour.


I had the same problem with my Etrex 20, not only did it read 0mph while walking, it would say my average moving speed while walking was something like 8.5mph.... I could not get rid of the problem, so I returned the unit, and just got an Etrex 10, which doesn't have this problem.

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You might want to try a master reset.

That's what I finally had to do yesterday after the GPS became an unruly beast while caching yesterday.


It shut down on me once, locked up once. Then I had GPX indexing issues that required several more reboots, and then finally lost all satellites for a brief moment.


I used it this morning to find a cache, and other than numerous repeats of the GPX indexing issue, it seems to have started behaving properly.

I'm going for find #1000 on Tuesday, so it better be on it's best behavior.

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