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I notice we have a new Reviewer.


Does anyone want to tell us more about him / her? Is it who we think it is? Or not? :)

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Indeed, a warm welcome to Grant who joins us on the team of reviewers for South Africa and the rest of Africa as well as the Indian Ocean islands. This is in addition to his Earthcache reviewing responsibilities which he reviews under the geoawareAFR review handle.

Grant has traveled extensively in Africa and the Middle East and will therefore be a great help to the team with the local knowledge which he brings from those areas.

As Grant resides in KZN he will primarily be involved in the local reviewing for KZN unless things get really hectic whereupon he will call on Rodney and me to help out.


Grant, have fun with the reviewing. It is a privilege to have you as part of the team. You have our full support and I and sure the support of the wider South African Geocaching community as well.


Officially, WELCOME! :laughing:

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Due to the Souvenir challenge, August has been an unprecedently busy month from a reviewing perspective with nearly 400 caches published in South Africa alone. That is besides the rest of Africa and those which we reviewed and were unable to publish yet.

Also, August 31 happens to be ROTSIP’s birthday and as he has been carrying most of this reviewer load over this time, Afrika Rocks and I would like to acknowledge ROTSIP for his hard work and dedication and give him a break. :blink: We have instructed him not to go near the review queue this whole weekend, Friday through Sunday, to just relax and enjoy his birthday with the family. :lol:


On behalf of the geocaching community, thank you for the hard work and have a wonderful birthday. You deserve the rest. :tired:


:signalviolin: In light of this, if you submit a cache to be published over this weekend be warned that it may take a little time to be reviewed. :signalviolin: {Music} Please bear with us and your cache will be attended to :signalviolin: {more infernal music on hold} :signalviolin: Your cache is important to us :signalviolin: { mindless music later....} :signalviolin:<_<<_<<_<


Seriously, we shall endeavour to get them reviewed as quickly as possible. :antenna:

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