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What an idiot!

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Just talking about myself again, no need to worry about it being any of you.... :laughing:


Have had a sore back for a few days now so unable to get to the gym. So to either kill or cure it, I decided to go out caching on Friday to straighten it out. Picked two nice looking adjoining series in West Wiltshire which would be about five miles and off I went.


Back got more and more sore as I went along so stopped for a bite to eat and continued afresh. Got just past the halfway mark and the next cache hint was "stump". Got to GZ, found the "stump" and discovered the cache in its hide. Back was aching so moved the stump with my foot, removing the cache from its hide at the same time. However my whole body was tired and aching and had lost the will to go any further so my legs gave way, I couldn't stop myself falling splat on my face, just eighteen inches from a cow pat.


Phew, that was close. Quite a remote cache so after picking myself up and checking nobody else had seen me, I brushed myself off and went to retrieve the cache which had been in my hand. Only it wasn't there, or over there, or down there or off up there!! :yikes: . This is stupid, I thought, it couldn't have gone anywhere but do you know, I searched for more than twentyminutes and couldn't find it. Must have sprung from my grasp as I faceplanted the floor. It was a camo container so probably not surprising I couldn't put my hand on it....


Anyway, emailed the CO to explain and I'll replace cache as soon as I can. Feel such an idiot and I'm only sharing this so that others who do daft things know they are not alone.


ETA: I can highly recommend the two series I did. Pretty walks and you can do both together inside four hours, especially if you stay upright. They're called "Grittleton Gambol" and "Drew Grit" and based around Littleton Drew and Grittleton, villages just off the Bristol to Chippenham road.

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I remember being out on the bike, finding a cache, putting the log book in my pocket while I noted down the details of the TB I was dropping off for my log later on, before I put everything back, replaced the cache, got on the bike and carried on.


When I got home I found something in my pocket. It was the log from the cache, far enough from home that I wouldn't be cycling that way for a while. The CO was sympathetic, gave me his address so I could post the log book back to him.

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i fell with a cache in my hand a terracotta one obliterated the poor thing and sliced my hand i continued on with electrical tape trying to stem the bleeding which is was not so after several caches I admitted defeat and returned home to tend my wounds.


Glad i'm not the only one

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I dropped a micro not so long ago and it fell in a bramble bush! I searched and searched for about half an hour but it had disappeared. They're a bit like golf balls, once they land in the rough, they just disappear. Anyway, I fortunately had a virtually identical cache with me (although mine was bright red rather than the more discrete black of the original). I left my cache in place of the lost one and sent a message to the CO to confess what I had done. Halfpint was most unhappy as she used to like playing 'geocaching' in the garden by hiding that cache and getting the rest of us to hunt for it! I'll have to invest in a replacement.

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