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Track up or north up on etrex 20

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I default to North up for general reference, same as one would hold a normal map when non oriented to terrain.


However if I'm working with a map or trying to navigate a displayed track (say I lost the trail and am trying to recover it) then a quick switch to track up helps. However a constantly changing display like that wreaks havoc with my eyes, and I really can't keep it up for long.


It really depends on the user's preferences, no one elses. Since I don't use the map to locate caches most of the time (I use the 'compass view with readouts for bearing to target, accuracy and distance to at a minimum) and then try to close to GZ visually while reducing the distance. Of course I try to logic out the use of paths and trails to avoid too much bushwacking through really bad stuff. The map might have been more useful if it had something on it to see of course. Usually by the time I need it, I've got too close in to see any information other than the track itself, so it has only one purpose for me... defining a zone that GZ sometimes wanders about in low signal situations. I use the center of that area as MY GZ in lieu of a spot that moves constantly. To be sure, I'm visually checking out things for sure, but understanding what might of affected the placer helps me think it out... of course the old 'where would I hide it' bit helps more often than not first.


Maps are useful on the general approach when the scale allows you to see any roads / paths that might show. Say to plan closest 'easy' access, but once they vanish from view, almost totally useless when a bearing is available and a compass. Other wise just follow the arrow and watch where you are walking.


Doug 7rxc

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I'm usually biking in mountainous terrain on curving roads and trails, which may be why mine rotates more!

Or maybe it doesn't spin and that is just vertigo from trying to read the tiny screen while riding along at speed.



My eyes are so bad I get dizzy trying to read it while walking (of course reading glasses help too, but then I get dizzy from forgetting to take them off while walking). Sigh!!


Doug 7rxc

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Anyone ever notice that "Track Up" people are generally so "Directionally Challenged" that they need more help than a GPS can give them?


"Track Up" people never know what direction they are going, they just want to find something that agrees with them.....ANYTHING !


When "Track Up" people look at a paper map, they find that they don't even agree with themselves!


Whatever works for you.......

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