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Southern Ontario tick risk map


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A bit misleading if you interpret that to imply there are more ticks in those areas.


Truth is... it is where there are more people, thereby more tick "bites". The last I knew, wild animals never report their tick "bites".

Put more people in the grey area, the colors would soon change.




Yes and no. Last time I checked Toronto's population density is an order of magnitude higher than Niagara, Brockville and Kingston. I would expect the highest risk sections to be places like Milton and Burlington or Vaughan (assuming no ticks in the Toronto metro area due to lack of forested areas).

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The OP is a tad misleading on the crux of the message presented by this map. Rather than just "tick bites" in general, the heat map paints a picture of the risk level for the emergence of an endemic area for Lyme Disease from black-legged tick bite.


A bit of context is provided here.

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