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Graduation Geocoins/Trackables

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My son just graduated High School, and I would like to set a trackable free to commemorate the event. Does anybody know where I can get a geocoin, or any trackable to commemorate a graduation, preferably with the year (although that may be pushing it)? I saw a long list of geocoin URLs in the FAQ post but that is a loooong list, so I thought I would be cheeky/lazy and ask to see if anybody had done the legwork already.


Many thanks in advance of any pointers.

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The only one I know if is the Geo-Graduate Geocoin that was Geoswag coin & pin club May 2009. Not sure how easy it would be to find one but you can ask in the trading thread, you may be luck and find someone that has one to trade or sell. You never know :) Good luck.

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