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Oregon 600 series

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Perhaps they're hoping Garmin Adventures will take over the gap left by Wherigo? I don't mind this development as much because, in a year and a half, you won't be able to play some Wherigo cartridges on a Garmin GPSr. We'll maintain backwards compatibility as much as possible, but my intention is to put in several Internet connection required features.


Fun stuff is coming.

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Gah!!! Really?! I got my Oregon 650 specifically because I thought I could finally play some of the Wherigo caches...grrr...getting a bit irked with this love/hate relationship that is developing between Garmin and the primary Geocaching community...first Garmin attempts to launch an alternate geocache site (though I do appreciate it brings back virtual caches, which I think are still sorely needed in some locations due to local and national park geocaching restrictions), and now they discontinue support for Wherigos, one of the recognized types of caches?! Goodness...well, I guess I'll try to get the cartridges to work on my phone before they go completely extinct...sigh...thanks for the info...I've been searching for the answers for about a month now (and yes, prior to my purchase of the 650).

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But it might be excusable because Garmin doesn't quite list that as a selling point. For instance, looking at the Oregon 550t page, you can't tell a Wherigo player is included at all in the GPSr, save for the product photos. The Oregon 650 I looked at didn't have the full menu in its product photos. I guess the only real way to determine if a player is included is to look at a manual (supposing it's even mentioned there) or watching some consumer-created product videos and reviews. But, yes, some prudence might be in order when spending that much for a device.


Garmin's new Android-based Monterra makes me wonder if we can somehow force a new Wherigo player onto it. With Wi-Fi capability, you could pair it with your cell phone. I've been willing to kill a Garmin Wherigo player for a while now, but with this type of configuration, I might not mind its existence as much since it might not be detrimental to what I want accomplished with Wherigo v1.1 and v2.0. I had no idea this existed until I checked Garmin's site while writing this post.


(Note: I was not the moderator who edited Great Scott's post.)

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