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Garmin GPSMap 62st routing

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I'm having problems with the routing on my Garmin GPSmap 62st not wanting to take the shortest distance. I am unable to find a way to reset it. If there is a four lane road anywhere within 30 miles, it wants to use it. I have been within a mile of a destination that was on the road I was on and it wanted to make a 52 mile detour. Changing to cycling, motorcycles, tour cycling, mountain biking, hiking, or any of the other choices doesn't help.


Anybody have any suggestions or instructions. Life was a lot easier when the only choices were shortest or quickest.

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That isn't a very good solution. Now it will not take you on a highway when needed. We need more information to solve the problem.


Does this happen all the time ?


What maps are you using?


Lastly what profile are you using?


If it is only one place then it could be a line segment disconnect which means it doesn't see the straight ahead connection. I've seen that happen only once and when I used Mapsource to drill down to that area the break was obvious.

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Map set is North America lower 48 NT2011.31

Occurs just about anytime you are navigating to the next cache,

I've been in the settings menu where supposedly you can tell it what to avoid or not and chose distance or time.

GPS software is up to date (and problems started several software updates ago).

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It may be a related problem that occasionally the map quits loading on the screen. It's like you scroll off the maps with nothing but white showing as you drive. This problem happens at the same spots around the state. If you turn around the map will scroll back on. Turning the unit off and on gets it going again.

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