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Amsterdam - Atlanta/Atlanta - Amsterdam Foreign Exchange Program

Sean J. Allen

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Hi!  Does anyone in Amsterdam want to partner for this cache? I've got the Atlanta clue.  Please contact me.  Thanks.


UPDATE:  I've already partnered with someone.

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Still receiving requests for code but have already provided it to one team.
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I am in Amsterdam this week and want to team up with someone from Atlanta.

I have contacted the previous 2 respondends in this tread, but both reply's are already 2 months old. So maybe they already are connected. Please contact me from Atlanta so we can exchange numbers

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On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 9:17 AM, DPO17 said:

Hi all,


I'm an Amsterdam Area cacher and looking for an Atlanta partner. If you can partner, please contact me via a mail message on Geocaching.com. User name: DPO17.


Kind regards,

I'm an Atlanta area geocacher looking to trade info on our mutual geocaches.  I have the info if you are still looking for a partner.

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I'm an Amsterdam Area cacher and I can find the necessary data this evening around 20:00 CET (daylight savings time).

If you are an Atlanta area cacher and if can deliver the Atlanta code in exchange for the Amsterdam code, please contact me via a mail message on Geocaching.com. User name:



thanxsz for helping

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On 18-5-2019 at 17:40, AKNWanderer said:

Ik heb een cache nodig uit Amsterdam om me te helpen met de cache in Atlanta! Alstublieft en bedankt! Ps. Wat een geweldig idee! 

Ik heb de benodigde getallen uit Amsterdam, kunnen we ze uitwisselen?


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Hi there!    We are traveling to Amsterdam the end of July, can anyone help me out?   I will collect the numbers when I'm there..   

(Interestingly, I should be in the Atlanta area the end of Sept for a family wedding...   Karma?)


Pls message or mail me.    Thanks!

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