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Hiroshima, Japan this Summer! 今夏、広島に行きます!


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Domo, Japanese Cachers, aka GB!!!


Just a heads up to anyone in Hiroshima on Wednesday July 3rd, as I plan to be in Hiroshima city, Geocaching most all day by myself.

Is anyone interested in a mini Geocaching Event, or even Geocaching together for the day with me?

The mini Event Cache has been already discussed with the local Volunteer Reviewer, yet the exact gathering time & location within Hiroshima city can still be changed. I was thinking about Hiroshima Peace Park.

If interested, please send me a PM as soon as possible.


Also, if you happen to know anyone that might be interested, please fell free to forward this information. I do not Tweeter nor Facebook, yet please spread the word as you like.


I will add more posts here, once more information is set, like the publishing of the Event Cache.


Good Luck & Cache On!


~ Dr.MORO, from Boston

Groundspeak Volunteer Japanese Translator & iPhone App Beta-Tester


--- Japanese 日本語 ---













Good Luck & Cache On!


~ Dr.MORO, ボストンより

Groundspeak 日本語翻訳ボランティア & iPhoneアプリ・ベータ・テスター

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