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LeNore, That is so awesome of a Geocoin to receive, specially when times have been little weird for you. Love the coin as it features animals on them which we are huge animal lovers. Hope everyone has a Joyful weekend. We plan on meeting up with Geocachers in Milwaukee and going Caching! Keep On Caching! :)

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Thank you mystery-coin-giver!

My stress level is high and this coin is a dose of medicine. Love the stripes coming off the zebra! Honestly, it's so true that geocaching is good for stress reduction. Great coin.

Whoever you are, I am sending you a hug for brightening my day.

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What a cute coin and exactly the right advise as well.

Congratulations to all, who received such a great gift!


As a dog owner I know well the healing powers of a walk through the fields and forest in times of stress and upheaval. Caching is an added plus then.


So go on, follow the advise of the coin, no matter how upsetting the matter is, a walk through nature can help and caching gives a added fun.


Thank you, mystery coiner, for creating such a lovely and actually helpful coin!

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Wow x 2 :D :D


Wow #1 Great new coin :wub: with congrats to the lucky recipients.

Wow #2 A mystery coin was all that was needed to make the forums come alive again :laughing::anicute:

It seems my daily visit to catch up on what was happening just needed a mystery coin thread to give me more than one post to read :drama:

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Congrats to the reciepents and thanks to the mystery gifter. We just created a new cache based on all the missing geocoins out there before seeing this post. We noticed when we were at Geowoodstock that all the coins to move seemed to be proxies because the real ones go missing. Of the 12 trackables we traded 7 proxies, 1 real coin, and 4 travel tags. We started a cache 7 years ago for geocoins called the geocoin vault (still active and visited 2 weeks ago) which hasn't seen a geocoin in it for about a year. This new cache proxy bank is starting with 5 proxy coins. Hope to at least keep these moving and allow cachers to collect icons, not the coins.

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There are few things better in the Geocoin world than opening your mailbox and finding a packet addressed to yourself from yourself! It usually heralds a new Mystery coin!


Today I got that surprise! I opened the packet and found this!




I love that it is trackable with a proxy. I activated it already (TB5R81N) and will turn the proxy loose when we go down to Roswell, NM tomorrow.


Thank you Mystery giver!

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Wow, it's been a while since I've found my way onto the forums!


Mystery Coin Gifter - thank you so much for a sweet gesture! I love the idea behind this one and that it comes with a proxy tag (especially given the text on the note)! So sweet!

Thank you so much for thinking of us! It definitely brightened my day to see a coin in the mail. I think it may have been over a year since that's happened. :)

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We really need a "begging icon" :laughing: .... don't ya just love the mystery coin givers that pop up out of nowhere.... with a completely unique theme .... "Stressed" how cool is that? ... :antenna:


Just read the first post!! A proxy too!!!! :huh:

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We were visited by the zebra this morning!! :lol: Over the years we have released bunches of coins, lots have gone missing. Every once in a while one will pop back up again, that is always a thrill but unfortunately it doesn't happen near enough.


I have slowed way down on releasing coins. The Racketeer and the Mine Lab were the last released. I am really glad to have a proxy for this one, it will be out traveling soon!

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i too, was very proud to have received the stressed coin today. i'll admit my stress level dropped a bit last friday, but still get to deal with "things" on a daily basis.


thank you oh giver of the mystery coin...i truly appreciate being thought of !


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Oh, wow! Some mysterious wonderfulperson must have peeked into my crazy life and decided to gift me with one of these lovely coins too. Should have seen my happy dance when I opened the mail today. Actually, you're probably better off not seeing it. But thanks anyway!!! :unsure:

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Today I received this amazing coin. Love the message. Most of the coins that I have had gone missing were for Todie's Wild Ride: Look Twice For Bikes. The stress from losing coins was not from the coins going missing but the important message that the coins represented. So I am going to send the proxy coin out with that message, Thank you mystery giver for this wonderful gift.

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