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Northants Newbie up for adoption

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Thanks for the replys!


Yes Splendidz, im not far from you at all, im based in Corby. I tried to do the Harbcache Hike yesterday but i couldnt find the first 3 so i gave up for the day. Must not have had my head on properly or something.


Thanks Lord_Blackadder, i will be attending. Would love to meet some other geocachers, havent seen any on my travels.

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How do i know who is a geocacher or a muggle at this meet?


You will have to use the secret handshake. Unfortunately no-one has shared the details with me yet... :unsure:


Look for a bunch of people "dressed for the outdoors", sitting in a corner somewhere, with a pile of rucksacks, tupperware, GPSs, geocoins and other paraphernalia stacked high on the table in front of them.


Then go and join the muggles quickly - it may be your last chance...


Hope to see you there.


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