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I am trying to email a recent member caching in the Eastern England region, appears to be mainly Suffolk, since 26th May 2013 but his profile does not list an email because his membership has not been validated. He has 89 caches logged and I am trying to find out if he came across a racing TB FISHBONES 5 when he found a cache WOODPECKER TRAIL #21 on the 26th May.


Any help in getting touch with this geocacher would be much appreciated. many thanks



posted 19:50hrs 4th June 2013

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As you've discovered, if they haven't validated their email then you can't contact them that way.


My only suggestions would be:


Try looking at their first few finds - Were they being shown the ropes by a more experienced cacher? Sometimes you can make contact via the other person.


Have a look and see whether they own any caches... If so, post a Note log to their cache to ask them to contact you about the TB.




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Many thanks Mrs B, a good way to go,guilty of just looking at latest of the caches found. Didn't look to see if there were any caches owned as he/she seemed so prolific in finding them since the 26th May., Though the zeal might lead to early cache setting. No TBs reported either. Oh these Travelling Bugs are a worry, but worth it since they dumped Challenges. Happy caching. :rolleyes:

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