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50 for 50


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50 for 50


The LeducCountyCachers invite you to our "50 for 50," a geocache event where 50 geocaches will be hidden across the region to mark Leduc County's 50th anniversary.


The 50 caches will be published on June 15th to coincide with the Geocaching 101 event at Nisku Recreation Centre.


Get a passport at the event or at the 50 for 50 webpage.


Then on the lid of each cache, you will find a special keyword (see below). Record this keyword in your passport in the appropriate space.


After searching for and finding all 50 caches hidden throughout Leduc County, bring your completed passport to Corporate Services, on the fourth floor of Leduc County Centre. The first 50 individuals to submit their completed passport will receive a special prize and will be entered to win the "50 for 50" grand prize.


Embark on your journey and celebrate Leduc County's rich history!


Tanya (mwellman) (One of the LeducCountyCachers)

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Yes, the caches are spread across the county. 7 caches are hidden in each of the 7 political regions plus one = 50. From Ministik to Genosee, from Pigeon Lake to Rabbit Hill. And family friendly! So come and find them this weekend!


mwellman (One of the LeducCountyCachers)

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