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Feature Request: Pocket Query by cache name or owner name

Der Grosse Baer DGB
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It would be a really cool feature if you could create pocket queries based on a string contained in their name and/or in the owner's name.


I use bookmarks to do this. Create a bookmark of all the caches you want. you can download the book mark. It is a bit more work but it does work.

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There have been many features asked for but the PQ is probably the equilavant of Win XP and no longer being developed. Changing the structure didn't go well years ago when they added attributes. Although there was a two week window in one forum recently where the lackeys did ask for suggestions but I wouldn't get myhopes up. The move to API is the future and offers unlimited ability to search as they keep adding parameters. I would suggest GSAK which will do what you want and things you don't even know you want yet.

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The move to API is the future and offers unlimited ability to search as they keep adding parameters.


Hopefully this will be true, some day.


Currently there are temporal limitations which make this a no-go:


I was going to say that you don't necessarily need GSAK to make the API calls, but it doesn't matter.


While the API does provide some search functionality (thank you to the individual who sent me the documentation), it is limited in areas where PQs are not.


For example, I was testing a search for specific D/T combos, and that worked OK but when I tried to limit the results by a published-before date, the API barfed with this:


Range specified is longer than allowed. Range must be less than 30 days.


So yeah. I guess if I could, I would change the title of this thread to


[FEATURE] Allow the API SearchForGeocaches call to have same parametrization capabilities as PQs

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