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[Feature] Show 'full' statistics in phone app(s)


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Hopefully not a duplicate post (couldn't find a similar one in the search), but I believe it would be great to see some more statistics in the phone apps. Currently, I am using Windows Phone, you see the amount of finds and hides, but I believe it is nice to see the amount of TBs found and owned as well. And possibly a new page which shows all statistics as you see them on the website too (e.g. average difficulty of found caches, average terrain, finds per country, how many days of last year finds, top day and month and year, etc.).


Thank you for your considerations,


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In the Windows Phone app, on the landing screen, you can see the amount of finds, hides, member level (basis / premium), member since and active geocaches globally. These are my stats, you can't see them of any other user, but I believe there should be some 'stats page' where you see more or less the same as you see when going to My Profile on the internet.


Hope this would be incorporated (also for the other platforms, not just Windows Phone).

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