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Times have changed! SOS w/filters


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We began geocaching in the UP in 2007. It's been a couple of years but I recently showed my Cadette GS troop how to geocache in Michigan. We were visiting in PA over the weekend and tried to find 4 caches and had zero success. It seems only extremely hidden nano/micro caches are hidden anymore. I have to say my young daughters were not impressed and I was disappointed. The coordinates took us inches from heavy traffic when there are miles of forested areas available. I have to wonder if those hiding these caches are more impressed with themselves and less into expanding the activity to others.


Is there a way to filter out the nano/micro caches easily on my droid app?

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Which "droid app" are you using?


I use Neongeo on my Android device. It lets me filter based on various criteria, but not based on cache size, so I'm not sure whether the API supports searching based on cache size or not.


But if I were filtering based on size, I'd use a Pocket Query, and then download the data from the Pocket Query to my device. More info about Pocket Queries is available here:



But full use of the API (for apps that use it) and Pocket Queries require premium membership.

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Welcome back from a transplanted Yooper.


If you are using c:geo, when you click on the green (traditional) icon on the map, it will show whether it is a small, large, not chosen, etc.


I checked out your profile and see you are in Litchfield, MI. Check out the Litchfield Travel Bug Hotel (GC38A66). It should be fairly easy to find and may have a Travel Bug or two in it. Also, there is a multi that is not a small, Prairie Park - Nature Walk (GC37J82).


If you ever get up to the Grand Rapids area, look me up and we can go for some non-micro caches. There's a good group of cachers in the area who would be more than happy to show you around the area.



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