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Garden Island State Park - Minnesota


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I have reserved a water taxi to take a trip from Young's Bay in the Northwest Angle of Minnesota to Garden Island State Park on Lake Of The Woods. The cost of the water taxi is $80/hour which is split up between up to 7 passengers. I have room for 5 additional passengers. You will need a US Passport to pass through Canada to get to Minnesota's Northwest Angle, but not if you are doing a day trip. The water taxi will depart Young's Bay at 12:00PM on Saturday, July 6, 2013 (Central Standard Time) and will be on the island for approximately 1 hour so the trip would be a total of 2 hours. If we can fill the boat with all 7 passengers, it would only cost $22.86/person. The boat is 25 feet long and is covered in case it rains.


If interested, please email me at dheitke@gmail.com

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I am moving this thread from the Geocaching Topics forum to the Midwest forum.


OP, I am assuming you're trying to put together a geocaching trip to this destination? If that's not correct, please clarify.

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I've done this exact trip on two different occasions. It's a shame to not spend a little bit of time there to explore while visiting the island.

I agree, but at this point it is just my son and me on the boat and it costs $80/hour to charter. If I can fill the boat with passengers, I would definitely consider staying longer to explore the island.

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