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1st timers' notes to himself.....

Guest Skybox7

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Guest Skybox7

(1) Maybe go over the new "Venture's" instructions again?

(2) Try and remember to input the 2 co-ordinates for the same cache.....not half one and half another!

(3) Try not to bounce the unit so far off the dashboard next time!

(4) Put large sign on car, "Geocacher on board!!!....frequent stops, veers and bad driving!"

(5) Possibly look into a Saturday night bingo game.....you're getting too old for this!

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Guest Ramness570

Originally posted by Skybox7:

(4) Put large sign on car, "Geocacher on board!!!....frequent stops, veers and bad driving!"


Sounds like you need one of these...



had that made after I pulled out in front of a dump truck on a cache hunt!!!!




Team Ramness570 Brian, Christine & TabascoX

Senior Member Southeast Xterra Club

Geocaching since October 2000.

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Guest Skybox7

ne out there!

The sign looks like a good idea, will have to see if that can be made in 5' neon.

It was cold on my 1st outing so luckily the right window was closed, will have to watch out for warm days.

Can we propose a rule....no white caches in snow states??? :-)

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