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Guest child

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Guest child

Hello everyone,


I'm writing to ask for assistance in the task part of a wager I've just

taken. The bet is that I say I can get a piece of mail (snail-mail)

delivered to a GPS co-ordinate outside of my country. So I'm looking for GPS

co-ordinates of people's front doors/mailboxes. I'm looking for US addresses

(I feel that's my best bet), but if you want to try and receive mail

elsewhere in the WORLD then please send GPS co-ords.


Ok for those interested this is how my bet is structured.


1. I will be sending out several letters/post cards to different

co-ordinates, but only 1 will be chosen to prove my point (the one that

actually wins the bet).....i.e. the rest will just be for entertainment


2. The chosen letter will only have the persons name and GPS co-ordinates.

3. The chosen letter does NOT have to be posted from my country.

4. The letter has to be received some time before December.


All I need from people is:


1. Your Name

2. GPS co-ordinates of your home or mailbox. The Ideal places would be

single homes or mailboxes that are not clustered.


Optional information that would be helpful in making my decision for

choosing the one letter:


a. Town/City/Country

b. Description of what the GPS co-ords are pointing to.

c. A photo of the location


Once I get points to send stuff to I will setup a web-page so people

interested can follow it. Depending on the responses I get I'll try and send

a letter/postcard to everyone who sends in their GPS co-ords....but no

guarantees if I receive too many GPS co-ords.


Anyone want to help?



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Guest homebru

I'd give it a go. Do you have a separate email address you want me to send the info to or would you want it posted on this forum?


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Guest child

My email address is daniel@intrepidsoftware.co.za . As for being careful about sending info to strangers, that's some sound advice....so if anyone wants to do some background check-ups on me or ask some questions to put their mind at ease...feel free. Also considering that I'm based in South Africa (check out geocaching.com - south africa...to see my caches) should give most paranoid people some assurance that there is at least 1 ocean between me and them.


On a side note there will be a web site setup tomorrow following this little bet. (URL to follow)





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Guest bob_renner

You might try the following name and GPS coordinates:


George W. Bush

N 38° 53.860'

W 77° 02.185'


It should be fairly easy to locate and provide a good probability of being deliverable.


Bob Renner

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Guest Peter Scholtz

I've found child's two caches and they were great! Finally another South African has found the forum!


A few forum members regularly post their coordinates so I'm sure there will be takers ...


If only someone other than myself would hide some more caches (HINT, HINT) then I would have even more fun.



Peter Scholtz



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