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Need advise on caching overseas


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I am in need of some Geo advice.


I am travelling from Aus to Europe and trying to work out the best way for me to cache while im there.


I have an iphone4 that I use here but it may not always have 3G or Wi-fi (not sure if ill be able to get data only roaming at a good price or if it will be worth while to buy pre paid sims locally.)


I am a premium member, if that helps ie with pocket queries but i have no experience with that at all yet :(


I am also considering buying a handheld gps but have NO idea how to use it or how I might be able to transfer GPX files to it if I am without a computer.


Any help or suggestions are really appreciated :)

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If you have the right app, you could download the cache information beforehand and use offline maps to navigate with your phone.

I would personally recommend getting a GPS unit and use GSAK to transfer the caches in the area you will be visiting to the device.

GSAK allows you to manipulate large amounts of cache data efficiently, but if it's too hard to use for you, you can always use the upload to GPS button on each separate cache page.


Preparation is key here. You will want to upload all details to the device you use before you leave. Using a GPS means you won't be dependent on a data network on your holiday spot.

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I have the same question as I will be in 10 different countries in June. I called Verizon and my iPhone 4 will be useless but my wife's iPhone 5 will work. But I also have the iPad 2 and while it will work, overseas data rates are very expensive. But the cruise ship and hotel has WiFi where I can access internet data for free. I was wondering if there is a good app for the iPhone and iPad that I can download a group of caches while I am on the ship, transfer them to my Garmin 60Csx before I leave the ship and then be able to cache.


I saw an app called Cache Bucket, is it any good? I use GSAK all the time and while that will work OK, it would be cumbersome, whereas being able to open an App on my iPhone/iPad and download the nearest 500 caches would be an excellent alternative.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know cache bucket but geobucket lets you download caches including description, hints and photos if you are a premium member. Or you can use an app like web reader which allows you to download the entire web page. But you gave to do this page by page and if course you can't look at photos linked to but not displayed on the page

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I've only used the GS app, but, if you pre-load cache data in it that will work offline quite nicely. There's absolutely no reason why it won't work with an iPhone4 as well btw - we've used it all over with roaming off and it's fine.


If you have something you can enter coordinates into by hand as well then I guess it would let you occasionally get more information on caches - say from free hotel lobby computers and so on?

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If you end up in the NL, there are free wi-fi points everywhere. I think I have a 1g data plan and I've NEVER reached the limit since my phone connects to all the wi-fi as I pass.


Then in other countries, restaurants usually have free wi-fi (I think McDonalds and Starbucks does around the world). It's where I usually stop and check mail and whatnot when I'm out and about. Last week when I was in the UK, I was using it to locate geocaches but it was grey and rainy and I didn't have luck with finding anything before the battery was sucked from the phone, but I was still able to use mcdonald's wifi to search. ;-)

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