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ladies...especially if you live in the Austin area...

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Hi, I'm in the Detroit area and I usually always go alone because I work midnights. I haven't had any problems but carry my cell phone at all times. I was thinking of maybe starting a thread on here that you could post for a caching buddy in your area. what you think about that?



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I used to live in the Austin area. Although I wasn't geocaching then, I did hike, walk the park trails, walk my dog through local neighborhoods, take night classes at UT and ride the bus home, etc. without incident. Here in Lexington, I do pretty much the same (although I'm teaching the evening course, not taking it )


Use some sense--know what's happening around you, who is in the area and how those people are acting. Let someone know where you are and when you plan to be back and don't go where you feel uncomfortable.




Wendy Chatley Green

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I'm not exactly a lady, but I think as long as you use your sense, you'll be fine. If your GPS takes you someplace that doesn't feel right, then trust your instincts and leave.


I'm also an avid hiker and have met many dozens of women hiking alone (though most seemed to be accompanied by a big dog) and I'm sure hundreds of thousands of women do it without incident. I've even met solo female backpackers while out in the wilderness. Geocaching shouldn't be any different from hiking.


"Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing" - Helen Keller

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I've had a lot of fear crammed in my head from my family and friends over the years. Apparently, if I'm going to go out on my own it's just a matter of time until something dreadful happens.


I still go, but there's a dark cloud of worry and resentment that puts a small damper on the fun and excitement. I'm trying to ignore this.



This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

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It is just a matter of time until something dreadful happens. However, the length of that time may be longer than your lifespan and that dreadful something may be no worse than poison ivy.


The murder rate in the U.S. is 5.7 per 100,000; the rape rate is 32.7 per 100,000. Violent crime (murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery is 524.7 per 100,000.*


Given a population of 280,000,000 in the U.S., this means 279,984,040 were not murdered last year, 139,954,200 women were not raped, and 278,488,864 were not the victim of a violent crime.


I refuse to cower in my house while 278 million people enjoy life.


* World Alamanc 2001, most recent statistics




Wendy Chatley Green

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... and if that doesn't work hopping on one foot while drooling and humming will probably do the trick.


Or there's this option:


"Okay, now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to the task of beating the sh*t out of these guys."


"I wouldn't do that if I were you."


"Why not? What do you know? Karate?"


"No, I know Dow."


"What is Dow?"


"Dow is the chemical company that makes Mace!"

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while i do cache alone, i also try to be aware. i have a friend who never goes out hiking alone without a sidearm, but she's also a good shot.


i also ride my bike alone, and i have seen the underside of a dodge durango and lived to tell about it. i will never forget the look on that driver's face.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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First, always go with your gut feeling.


Unrelated to geocaching - I took my daughters to the movies the other day, along with my mother and sister and neice, and kept feeling a really strange feeling. My chest hurt and my stomach hurt and I was overwhelmed. Something kept telling me to look over my shoulder. There was this very wierd man standing behind us (we were in the next to last row in back). I thought maybe he was just trying to adjust his eyes and then go find a seat. Well, he just kept standing there. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore (thought I was going to have a heart attack). I told my sister to watch my girls and went into the lobby and told a worker that there was a man in there freaking me out. Well, they went in there with me and they talked to the man - turns out, the man wasn't even suppose to be in there. So, he left the place. I don't know how he got in there. Anyway, my mother was also having the same feelings that I was having and then noticed the man and she was sitting at the other end of the row so that we couldn't even talk to each other.


So, after all of that rambling - my message is:




"Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."

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Well most of the time I go out with someone. I have found a few on my own, but only virts. I did try once to find one without anyone with me, and I just got too freaked, so I left. But did come back later on with someone! LOL


Mickey225...converting people to geocaching one GPS at a time!

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I cache alone since my hubby works a lot of hours and on occasion I'll take the dog w/ me. I take him more for company than protection.


I recommend your keys as a tool for self defense. You should always have them ready as you're heading out to your car and I weave mine in between my fingers and make a fist so the ends are sticking out. You could always carry them like that while you're caching too. And one of the best pieces of advice... listen to your gut! Your intuition is a GREAT tool for safety. frog.gif If there's any cachers in the Thumb area in Michigan that're looking for a caching partner... let me know. I'd love to team up w/ you!



Cody, Nikki & Duke-- the Geo-Mutt



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Well, we've got a dog, she is just not mature enough to cache yet. We're still working on her. I'll just wait for the hubby. Makes me feel a bit more safe, even though I think if anyone tried to approach me, they would think I was a freakin nut case because I would go crazy on them.


"Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."

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I've had a lot of fear crammed in my head from my family and friends over the years. Apparently, if I'm going to go out on my own it's just a matter of time until something dreadful happens.


I still go, but there's a dark cloud of worry and resentment that puts a small damper on the fun and excitement. I'm trying to ignore this.


Okay, on a more useful note than before, may I recommend "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker? It's an amazing and practical book which should go a long way towards helping you feel and stay more safe.


Amazon has it for $7.50 right now. Or you can try your local library.


Really. Don't miss this book.


Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

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I live in New Braunfels and have cached alone. I do get a bit spooked at times, but try to be overly cautious, take my cell phone and have a knife handy just in case. The only down side I have found is that you don't have any help finding the caches, so sometimes it takes much longer than if my boys are with me.


Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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Be prepared. Take one or more of these items with you:



Whistle or electronic noise-maker

Firearm (get a permit)

Mace or Pepper Spray (or blend)

Keys carried as mentioned above

Cell phone (note that it may not work when doing backcountry caches)

Another cacher

Cane or walking stick (good weapon)

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There are 2 very easy and free ways to keep weirdos away...


method 1 - my uncle recommended this for when i go on a date with a real loser, just act like ya got to throw up, if you can, even better. No one will get near someone who is throwing up, in fact most people will back right up...quickly.


method 2 - put your arms out like a "T", then wave them at your sides up and down while you slowly take steps forward while turning in circles. Then, stop and smack your self in the head and shout "SHUT UP SHUT UP, I JUST CAN"T STAND IT ANYMORE, NO KNIVES NO KNIVES!!!" Then start drooling.




I mostly cache alone. I have come to believe that there is more to fear at the local mall and cinema then anywhere I have visited in the woods.


I'm a stocky chicky, which works for me cause i'm not an easy target, it would take alot of physical effort for a guy to take me down, and I have all kinds of martial arts training including grappling (ground wrestling) if someone would choose to attack.


Most attackers can't fight on the ground, they don't expect to wind up there, they plan to kidnap you from the back while on your feet and take you to a more concelaed location. If you can knock him on the ground even if you can't get up, he loses alot of power being off his feet.


"The more I study nature, the more I am amazed at the Creator."

- Louis Pasteur

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