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Getting to grips with GPS

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Hi guys I purchased a garmin etrex10 I was wondering why when you try to punch in co ordinates it refuses to recognise co ordinate

Say for example



But it won't recognise the 66

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You are trying to enter two different formats.


You need to set the unit to WGS-84 and HDD(D)° MM.MMM Datum and Format, in order to use coordinates published on geocaching.com


Do so through the Main Menu > Setup.


Note: Of the coordinates you typed here, it is your E coordinate that correlates to the proper format. The N coordinate does not.


You just cannot mix 'n match the format(s).

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Moderators please move this thread to its proper forum this is not a GPS and Ham Radio related topic!

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I've no problem having it moved. Nbut I think it falls in the genre GPS and Thank you for the Help gitchee

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The E coordinate isn't right either, there shouldn't be a decimal point between the 000 and the 66

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Since the 'problem' is solved, I'll just say that the GPSr doesn't care which format you use, or even the datum for that matter.


The important thing is to not mix things up for data entry. This was told to you by the others.


However... you do have the choice to make. Geocaching as stated uses the system default used by GARMIN and others for public GPS users. DD MM.mmm and WGS84 datum. The site does offer other formats for you to use.

UTM coordinates are listed right under the 'normal' coordinates. Decimal coordinates (plus the normal and UTM) are available through the 'other conversions' link. That also provides NAD27 datum options for topo map users.

However, older maps in NAD27 are both getting rarer and often have 'drawing' errors due to the techniques used to make them, so be cautious using them. Just do not MIX things up. Whatever you select format and datum wise is what you should enter data in, then switch to automatically convert for hunting by selecting what you wish to use.


Note that when you switch datums, the coordinates don't change... however the place the GPS takes you to will be very different at times, depending on how much was corrected by the datum recalculations.


Just take the time to examine (read) the source and and see what is in use accurately, use the same to enter.

Hunt with whatever you want to.


Doug 7rxc (VE7RXC)

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