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Open Streets and geoacaching

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On Saturday the 25 May there is an Open Street dat in Lower Main road Obs


The concept is to close the street to vehicular traffic for 4 hours from 13h00 till 17h00 and let the citizens play in the streets. Ride your bicycle , skateboard or roller blade.


Obs Lower Main Road has a lot to offer and their will be all sorts of activities planned for throughout the day. The area is well supplied with kiddies parks so there will be activities for kids too.


There are plenty of good little bars and eateries - or just bring your chair and a newspaper and watch life go by.


I was asked by someone from the community helping organise the event to do something about geocaching. So I submitted an event which is published here so do log your attend and come along and enjoy a car free day


But thats for existing geocachers really - I thought I would lay a temporary geocaching trail - say ten pieces all along Lower Main Road - according to my measuring using Google Earth its a stretch of 1.5 km or so.


I also thought about manning a table with some info and perhaps getting geocachers to buddy up with non-geocachers who don;t have GPS;s or who are a little unsure how to use their GPS.


SO I want to get a banner of sorts or a poster and advertise a start time for the gps hunt. I thought of a combination of a few containers to find and then some info to collect along thew way at various waypoints. Perhaps some way points to be given and some to be collected on the way


So I am looking for any volunteers to help out with this in any way - suggestions of how to run the GPS Hunt side of things and obviously help on the day or help hiding the trail


I'll be scouting this week and getting in touch with the organisers to let them know of my plans


So get in touch


So at the Geocaching event you will be able to lounge arround or ride your bike or have a bite to eat or just hangout and then search for a power trail or urban micros or wahtever we get planned.


Fun times



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