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Dutch traveler looking for cacher in July

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I'm a Dutch student, 21, who visits the UK regularly. I just started with geocaching and I'm going to visit some friends of mine in the UK in July.

I'd love to go for a day of geocaching with someone there. I don't mind traveling to go meet up!

I'll be staying in Greenhithe from the 8th till probably the 30th, so contact me if you're interested.



- someone between the age of 20-30 (alone or group)

- around London, Dartford, Greenhithe, Gravesend or Maidstone

- if you have a family-day and I can tag along, that would be quite interesting too!


My English is very good, so don't worry about a language barrier.



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I don't want to be a killjoy but just be careful who you arrange to meet up with. The Geocaching community has always seemed a safe environment but there can always be exceptions. If you do make arrangements ensure you go with some of your own friends at least initially.

I am sure you will then have a great time.

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I was planning to first get to know the people a lot before actually meeting them. I've always traveled on my own in the UK and I know how dangerous it can get, especially as a girl (luckily never experienced it myself).


Thanks for the fb-group advice! That will certaintly help me :)

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The FB might be a good place to start, although I'm aware of people (myself included) who are not there; and I've always felt it was better to meet people in real life anyway. What I'd suggest is that you hold an event shortly after your arrival or turn up for one of the regular London ones (run by Goldpot) to meet people, and you'll see where it goes from there. I'm sure there will be quite a few of us willing to help.

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