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edmonton area hike cache

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Am new to Edmonton and am hoping someone more familiar with the area can help me.

I'm looking for caches that require a bit of a hike (3km - 16/20km) that are within a short driving distance of Edmonton.

I know there are LOTS of caches, and some with little walks within the city limits, but I prefer to be in more natural settings.

I'm familiar with the Elk Island series of caches.


Thanks !!

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Hi 1HT. Welcome to Edmonton.


Just south of Elk Island, you'll find two lesser-known wilderness areas that offer the most remote caches we've been able to muster within a reasonably short drive of Edmonton.


Blackfoot: http://www.geocachin...lng=-112.851567

... trail map: http://www.albertapa...20web%20map.pdf and at the trailheads


Ministik: http://www.geocachin...lng=-112.986667

... (no map, but you can connect the caches)


Bummer you just missed the recent hike event through Ministik; it was a nice 13.5km loop past a good number of caches.


Holler if you have questions; remote caches are my thing too.

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Viajero Perdido & CanadianRockies


Thank you so much for your replies.

I have seen the sign for the Blackfoot Park while enroute to ElK Island but wasn't sure if it was worthwhile though I probably would have gotten around to checking it out.

With your recommendation, I will definitely do so, and not be worried about being let down.

I'm looking forward to Ministik too.

The edmonton forum requires a separate login, so I'll have to create an account there.


Thanks for the good advice. :)

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