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Ursus maritimus cedit mare III

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Hi all Western Cape Geocachers and those of you from the North who should happend to be in Cape Town on Saturday 22 June 2013


Its time once again to get your Polar Bear on!!!!!


In 2011 we had 21 attendees


In 2012 we had 21 attendees


In 2013 lets have even more!!!!!!!!!


Event will be published when I have confirmation of the date from the PolarBearPrez but Solstice is 21 June which is a Friday and we always have it the nearest Saturday!


There is always a souvenir made with the Polar Bear Logo and I thought it might be nice to have


Ursus maritimus cedit mare III - 2013 Geocaching Event

Added to the item - I am sure PoalrBearPrez can do this for us - there will be a small additional cost - but it will be a more memorable souvenir. To this end we woudl need to get those orders in early.


I will advise what the souvenir will be as soon as I know. Then you can order through me so I can give them one order for all the items to be co branded.


You don;t have to swim to attend the event!!!! But swimming in the middle of winter is what it is all about.





Ursus maritimus cedit mare - 2011



Ursus maritimus cedit mare II - 2012

This will give yo an idea of what to expect.



See you on an ice flow!






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Yikes... Will have to give it a miss this year.

In stead of swimming in the freezing Atlantic, some of us will be facing the heat of the Namib Desert at that time...


Last year there were four or maybe five of us that joined the half hour club...

How many will dare to stay in that long this year?

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Ok Polar Bears


The Event cache has been published and you can find it here


Be one of the Chosen Frozen


If you want a shirt to commemorate freezing your self near to death this is what it looks like and their is a limited edition tshirt (50 being printed - orders for a second run taken on the day).


Log your attendance and let me know if you want a tshirt - R50 a piece. Send your order to me ASAP - shirts available at the end of the week - red shirt with this print on the chest.




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