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Client-Side Imaging-Mapping.


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Back in 2004, I created a cache page using "Client-Side Image-Mapping" and it is still working properly to this day.


Today, I decided to create another cache page using this same routine. So, I copied the page EXACTLY to an Unpublished GC-ID, with the intentions of editing it with a new image and messages.


If you do not understand what this technique is, then read on. To put it simply, when you place your mouse point/arrow over an object within an picture, such as a lamp on a desk, the mouse pointer changes to a pointing hand/finger. That specific location then becomes a clickable link that can display a message and/or take you somewhere else.


Much to my surprise, GC is apparently no longer supporting this technique and I want to know why?

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Please stop stripping useful markup like this. Sure, strip out scripts and event handlers, but leave the rest alone. Please.

...and fix the "Valid HTML Tags" list. There are a ton of tags and attributes listed there that are either stripped out or just ignored, which seems to me would make them "invalid".

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I don't see a reason why we should be disabling this functionality. I've entered a bug for investigation.


Is there any kind of a time-line regarding when this problem will be addressed, like next week or next month or next year?


Perhaps you will also investigate the issue regarding Steganograpy puzzles and reveiews refusing to publish them.


As the other person mentioned, there are lots of issues regarding what HTML functions GC allows. Perhaps it would be a good idea to tell us which ones are not allowed and the reason(s) why!


It is really frustrating to create a perfect HTML page, using CSE HTML Validator and W3C website verification process, just to have GC's system F-it up!



If it ain't broke, don't fix it! --- If it still works, don't replace it!

I'm so antiquated that I still use FREE Dial-Up with a W98 system along with a 1999 Garmin GPS-12.



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