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Subaru Badge of Ownership need Geocaching badge

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Last summer I bought a Jeep and got interested in the badges available for it signifying going to certain trails in the US, like the Rubicon Trail in northern CA or a couple at Moab UT. When I got my Rubicon badge it reminded me of badges I had seen on many Subarus and thought that a geocaching one would be cool for a Jeep. I wrote to the program manager at Jeep, provided him info about the Subaru program and the long standing relationship between Jeep and Groundspeak. While he said he would check into it I haven't heard back from him.


I know there is interest in such a badge here in Norcal and likely around the country. Instead of lobbying Jeep and Subaru for vehicle specific badges, I suggest that Groundspeak develop one of similar size for any vehicle. I bet they would be a good seller.

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I voted. I'm on my second Subaru, and I use the "Cache-baru" for nearly all of mine and my other half's caching activities. Here in Minnesota there isn't much in the way of offroading but we still have some rural backroads that are not maintained in the winter. They can get pretty gnarly.

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:rolleyes:Hey! There's a new opportunity to get a geocaching lifestyle icon. Go to this website and vote before March 31, 2017!

I went to the link you noted. The only voting options I see are Ultimate, Gaming, Social. I'm going to choose "Other" and enter "Geocaching".


I actually emailed Subaru a couple months ago asking about getting a Geocaching lifestyle icon and got a standard reply of:



We’re sorry we don’t offer a Geocaching icon at this time however, thank you for the suggestion – we will forward this on to the Badge of Ownership team and hopefully this will become an icon in the near future.




Subaru Program HQ

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