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E T highway August 1st-5th, 2013

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I was planning to rent a vehicle from Bellingham, Washington and cache my way to Vegas. I will be meeting some of my muggle friends on July 28th and stay there until the 31st. From there, I plan to head up to the ET Highway On August 1st and hopefully grab 2500 plus caches over the next five days. Anyone interested in this, please email me.

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It's high desert, temps will probably be somewhere in the 90s take plenty of water and stay hydrated, and no gas between Alamo and Tonapah


In August on the road you will be lucky if the temperature is only in the 90s. Official temperatures in the 100 to 110 range are not at all unusual and remember official temperatures are taken in the shade. In the direct sun expect it to be even hotter. I just checked: According to weather.com the average high temperature in Alamo in August is 98.


Plenty of water means at least 2 gallons per person with extra water in the trunk for reserve. Also consider the strain on the vehicle starting, stopping and idling for hours in that heat. August is really not a good time to play in the desert. It can be done and you can have fun. Just know what you are getting into and take extra precautions.

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Water, lots of water, and then some more.


Did a portion of the first E.T. trail in June.


Moderate temperatures had been predicted. (Middle eighties as I recall)


The temperatures spiked to >>> 117º <<< (so much for predictions)



Had to run with the heater >>ON<< in an attempt to keep the engine from red lining. (Big Block Chevy Pick 'em up truck)


Best of wishes and luck directed your way.

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Out here in the Majove, 100 is warm and it's not hot til 110! :blink: And Yes it does get hot :yikes:


So take plentry of water and then some more. Take an emergency space blanket (it's cool at night and use for shade in the day) , broad brim hats (not baseball caps), sunscreen and be sure and let at least two people know where you are.


Most important is to be sure and find a few non-PT caches while in the area and loged them properly. :laughing:

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We were out that way last July and it averaged about 114 in the shade ( there ain't no shade )....it seemed to get hotter in Majove and Death Valley was a real treat. The Tundra's A/C held up well ( kept engine running )but if I took too long to find one the truck was glad to be moving again even if only .1 mile. We actually love the desert being from humid south Louisiana but when its that hot you feel it.

I've used the " heater on " trick a few times over the years but I don't think we would have made it in those conditions.

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It was 100 degrees in Mojave on April 29th. We left April 30th. Plan on early morning caching - by afternoon you will be woozy even with the A/C on. And watch out for snakes, from the very first step you take out of the car. They can be alongside the road as well as hiding under bushes. Take it easy and have fun! :D

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Also, there is no cell service thru most of it. We have ATT and couldn't get anything but emergancy signal in Tonapah (I believe Verizon covers that area) and even less than that on the highway.


We picked up a guy who'd run out of gas and was riding his bicycle towards Tonapah (about 15-20 miles out). This was after dark and I think we were the only (motor) vehicle on the road.

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I have Verizon. From a bit north of Alamo until shortly before Tonopah my phone had the message "Your not serious, are you?" Bring gas, even if you don't think you need it. Right after you turn on to NV 375 is a blue and white sign "Next services 136 miles". Bring water, lots of water, and food. There is a distinct lack of McDonald's along the ET highway. The only place for food between Alamo and Tonopah is in Rachel and there is only one choice. I do not recommend staying the night in Rachel. If you drive at night be careful of the cows. The cows also do not like to be petted, leave them alone.

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