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The Dryads Coin & Proxy SetDesign by Chris Mackey

Frozen Buns
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With this new Chris Mackey designed geocoin, GxProxy.com is highlighting the mysterious Dryads and how closely their duties and love of nature’s treasures closely reflects those of women geocachers.




Stories have been told for thousands of years of both the beguiling beauty and mischievous dangers of the Dryads. These reclusive woodland nymphs were the guardians of nature and individually tied to locations of beauty as remarkable as themselves.


As always, we’ve provided a matching Proxy traveler in your purchase so you can enjoy this latest addition to your collection and still get a new hitchhiker out traveling!


A Full Color Brochure tells the full story of this beautiful work of art dedicated to these woodland guardians as well as showing all the fine details and layers of this beautiful Geocoin!


Available at http://www.shop.gxproxy.com/Geocoins-NEW_c16.htm in Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver and Shiny Copper each Geocoin comes with a Brochure with the art enlarged in order to show all the details and layers. The mystery, history and story of this creature discovered in the research is also told by Chris Mackey.


These are already selling quickly so check them out and save $5 on a full set while they last.

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Thanks to everyone who has ordered their set of coins. This is just a FYI that the inventory is getting really low now so any who wish to have the 2nd coin of THE FOREST Series please check them out.


We will have them at COG Spring Fling 9 in Ontario this weekend for those who hate the high postage rates to ship coins to Canada. Let me know if you are not able to attend and I can still get them into the Canadians post before I leave back to the USA.

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